Cancer 2018 Predictions

by Stefantastic

Cancer 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Cancer 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Cancer 2018 Predictions for Love
The stars have different paths in store for those still single or merely dating, and for those already married. While the former will have a good deal of luck and achieve happiness easily, those that have tied the knot (especially those that have done so a long time ago) will face some obstacles. Domestic life will prove a cause of trouble, especially if you are unable to control your anger and stubbornness. Attempts at dominating or controlling one another can only make things worse. An underappreciated partner is likely to seek consolation outside of the marriage and extramarital affairs are never likely to make anything better on the long run. Thus, communication is key. Speak and let speak, be clear about what you expect but also be prepared to listen to your spouse's concerns. Only deep understanding will help you sail through the storm and emerge stronger than before. As for those still "playing the field", in August, a budding romance with someone whose personal or spiritual beliefs greatly differ from yours is in the stars. It might be a good test and a way to see how well you can truly adapt. Keep an open mind.

Cancer 2018 Predictions for Career
Striking a cordial balance with your authorities and peers is going to prove a symbolic beginning to a year full of tranquility. You will be able to adapt to any situation, transform as needed, and have a vision to identify a bright future and head towards it at full speed. While there will be no big issues to face, competition might become tough at times, leaving you fatigued at the end of the day. It is then best to focus on smart work rather than hard work for wit and bright ideas can get you further than simple toiling away for hours on end. You are likely to be particularly productive between May 2nd and November 6th. Those in the medical profession are almost certain to have great success this year. It is however important not to overestimate your virtues and underestimate your vices. Be prudent and never reply on impulse. A fair warning would be not to get involved in a partnership business as it is most likely going to fail. Keep to yourself and all issues will resolve a lot faster, including any legal trouble that may have plagued you previously.

Cancer 2018 Predictions for Health
With Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, countless opportunities to spruce up your physical and mental self will lie before you. You will be able to rest and rejuvenate your spirits which will benefit your overall well-being. In fact, 2018 promises to be a year of very little ill health for most Cancerians. Slightly elevated blood pressure or insomnia may influence those that have previously faced these issues but no new problems are likely to arise. This is the time to put more focus on your mental health and spirituality. Neptune's transit will draw many to function on a more philosophical, idealistic level, and develop an interest in pilgrimage, mystical teachings, and higher knowledge.

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by: Ian

Good planetary prognostication Stefantastic. Many thanks.

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