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Mythology: The Crab

Gemology: Emerald and Black Onyx

Metallurgy: Silver

Colorology: Green

Ruled By: The Moon

Physiology: Clumsy body, slender limbs and powerful claws and people born with Cancer rising express them all. They have a large upper body easily susceptibility in later years to a prominence of the abdomen from over-eating. The powerfully hinged lower jaw creates a strong, full and wide face and large mouth; the whole construction similar to the crab's claw. Brown hair, blue eyes, pale and sickly complexion and low vitality. The body structure can appear top heavy due to slender limbs with a large upper torso and resulting rolling gait walk. Can often lack physical agility

Characteristics: Cancerians are very fond of home comforts and tend to be quiet reserved. They can adapt themselves to different conditions, which makes them easy to get along with. Cancerian anger is short-lived and they don’t hold grudges. They have the courage of their convictions and have the strength of character to voice and defend them.

Planets in the Cancer’s rising sign: The Sun rising in Cancer brings accentuates all their good qualities, boosting ambition and pride, and can increase vitality. With a rising Moon the Cancerian will be one who easily lets go of the past.

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