Crystal Aura Help

by Breeana Spiteri

Anyone with a crystal aura knows how frustrating a situation can get. Even talking to your parents you have to decide whose emotions go where. I’m finding it very hard to be around people who aren’t as mental able as me.

A lot of my friends have been suppressing their emotions, and it gets to me before them, it literally feels like I want to rip there heads off. I’m only 15, so I know I have a long way to go on my path, but at the moment it feels like I’m alone.

My other friend is a crystal too so she’s my only compatible friend, but we live far away from each other and go to different schools. I feel horrible when I want to stop being friends with someone because there mind thinks bad things, but they never take my advice when I tell them they have something wrong with them. And I will be sitting there and next thing you know I start suppressing my emotions.

Even my own dad has got a bad case of OCD that he’s had for 40 years, he is in complete denial and won’t take my advice. I can’t work around people anymore! And at school someone will talk to me and I will give them a real nasty reply, and then snap out of it and try to explain to them why I was like that, I think the whole world needs to be psychic!

Please any other crystals help, tell me how you have overcome these mentally unfit people, if they won’t take your advice.

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Sep 02, 2017
Struggling Crystal Beginner
by: Crystal from Czech Republic

Dear Crystals, I'm so happy to have found this page, it's so soothing to read about your experience. I've been going through the process of learning to know my Crystal aura since april (I really envy you young ones - I'm as much as 35! So much more time you have to develop your true self!) and it has been terrible months. I've felt like being a not-person, like an empty echoing vessel, unworthy of living, only able to take on other peoples lifestyles. I've been terrified when people tried to approach me, running away, afraid of being exposed as a fake.

I would love to be able to heal other people, help them, it's just that I don't know how. Everywhere you just read that we Crystals KNOW - but I just don't, oh, it's so frustrating. How have you discovered your healing capacities? Do you think Reiki or energy massages might also be a way for a Crystal to go when healing? How do it?

Also, I would love to know your experience with finding your love partners - I don't seem to believe I can be of some use to anybody and therefore I don't let any man near me. Crystals are best compatible with Blues and Idigos but I've never met an Indigo and there's so few Blue men around, it feels like.

Do you have/plan to have children? It seems that I get overwhelmed by the bursting energy of the little ones, I feel drained after just a few minutes of childrens company.

What has helped me so far:

1) I get up with soothing meditation music/calm jazz/acoustic guitar and do some excercises - very slow, most stretching

2) I try to have 10 minutes meditation before sleep every night.

3) I tend to avoid gatherings of more than 5-6 people (like class reunions), I feel the best in the company of 3 or 4, incl. me.

4) I don't watch movies, read books with lots of emotional dramas (well, I don't even cope with Finding Nemo so...)

5) Cats have calming effect on me.

6) as for sports - hiking, walking, cross-country skiing

7) I love growing plants

8) I sing in a choir (difficult with so many people around but I try to get tuned to one person and then it helps to cope)

I'm sorry not to be able to contribute with much, I'm just at the beginning.

Thank you so much for founding this page!

Jul 18, 2016
Let it slide and meditate
by: Anonymous

I have found that keeping to myself helps and let their comments slide then meditate any anger away every night and focus the mind by 5 to 10 minutes of meditation in the morning.

I am 15 and I have been using meditation for the past 5ish years.

Jul 07, 2016
Dont expect much from people
by: Anonymous

I know it can be tough not being able to find someone mentally and spiritually smart. Im 17 and over the years I've learned that these things dont matter much. Be your own friend if you're a crystal then chances are that you have many personalities have fun with them and avoid stupid people, telling them how you feel might be the worst possible thing to do always listen to your heart and know that theres a greater power looking after. I hope i gave a good enough answer have a nice life sweetie

Mar 30, 2016
Donna Eden Celtic Weave
by: Sarah

Look up Donna Eden. After years of dealing with this, I can generally do just fine. I do the Celtic Weave, the Zip-Up, and the Governing exercises to protect my energies. Makes a HUGE difference! I also take baths in epsom salt or vaking soda. Those help clear your aura. I, too, am a lavendar crystal. Hope this helps!

Oct 18, 2014
Answers are here
by: Rock crystal

Oh my dear crystals, I am crystal too, and all answers came to me lately. I am 37 years old, and I realised that everything around me was a blesing, belive me. Maybe you can`t see it now but that is true. You will know the answers why. The main "problem" is that people neer us can`t do anything wrong, trust me. So, some situations make us neer some people just to make light in their life. If we are present in someones life just for a few minutes, that person can`t do anything wrong in some way. So, don`t feel strange when you attract people who are so negative, that is just because we our light is stoping them to make wrong move, even without one spoken word. That is how we effect to others.
I was wondering all my life for some situations...WHY, but now I know the answers. By the way rock crystal is very good tool for protect us from many negativity, you can take it in your pocket, and it make our aura even more protected and clear. There is one more way to clean your aura after you take someones energy, you would`nt belive, but it is true, I read a lot about it, so, when you came home, after dynamic day, make bath with Sodium bicarbonate, I think you call it baking soda. It helps to make your aura pure again. Crystal aura need contact with ground, so go to nature and putt your legs on the ground without shoes and socks.

Sorry if I made mistake with English, I learned it for myself from movies.

Greetings from small but beautiful Serbia. :)

Dec 03, 2012
Recognize Their Spiritual Limitations
by: Anonymous

On commercial airliners instructions are given to first attach the oxygen mask to one's self and then to the child in case of an emergency. When someone is being nagative, recognize their spiritual limitations, just as a child is physicialy limited thus incapable of applying their own oxygen mask.

Ground yourself by focusing your crystalline mirror towards the purity of nature or the inocense of animals, especially baby animals. This reflecting intensifies divinity and makes physical the higher spiritual reality.

As a crystal, you have inate spiritual stature, WHICH MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE!!! They are still children, spiritually speaking. Expecting them to meat you on your level is selfish. Tolerate their lack of development as we tolerate a child's crying when they're sick.

One of your unique abilities is the power to absorb and to release energy. Absorbing someone's negativity, purifying it, and giving it back to them is a destructive process. Instead, absorb pure energy from the lovingness of creation and offer it as a gift for them to chose on their own agency. When this pure energy is channed through the body it's given a physical outlet known as healing.

Nov 06, 2011
*some tips*
by: JB

Hi All,

wow thank you so very much for this website!!
i'm 30 years old and after much soul searching i have come back into accepting my gifts as a Crystal and yes they are gifts...

i can echo some of the other tips:

*when other people's energy get too much for you simply smile at them and in your minds eye surround yourself with white light

*take detoxifying baths with Epsom salts this helps to draw the toxins out of your skin

*eat "raw", "live" or "organic" foods when possible, i know this is cost prohibitive for some, but even regular raw fruits & veg are GREAT for you

*Find a Positive Mantra or Personal Affirmation that you can repeat to yourself when you get overwhelmed

*ask your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides for protection, they will tell you when a lower "being" may be trying to draw on your energy

*repeat the Devine Light Prayer out loud or silently to yourself when you feel uncentered:
I am created by Divine Light
I am Sustained by Divine Light
I am Protected by Divine Light
I am Surrounded by Divine Light
I am Evergrowing into Divine Light

*be secure in the knowledge that as a Crystal you are protected and really only need to follow your own inner voice and this will lead you in the path of light

*we all run on wavelength/vibrations and as Crystals we are sensitive to this so you can choose what "wavelengths" you want to tune into

*read about “Crystal Children” lots of good books & websites, take what you connect with and Leave the Rest

*take lots of quite time alone in nature or with animals

*sing & dance!! LOTS!! HAVE FUN! This beams your great positive energy around you :)

Jul 07, 2011
by: Eileen

Hi! I am a crystal- I also have lavender and indigo bands in my aura. I understand how frustrating this can be, but I disagree with some of the advice that others have given you. You do not need to be so selective in who you surround yourself with. Trust your intuition of course, but if someone is only frustrating to you such as your friends, because they are not on the same plane as you with your empathetic and sensitive gifts, you should not retreat into yourself or abandon them. Your greatest gift is to heal and you should never hide that from anyone. You cannot tell someone how to fix their problems you have to know how to trust your intuition on how to best comfort them through their situations, in doing so this comfort and unconditional love will allow them to confide in you leading them to come to their own solutions as you listen.

Crystals are not only compatible with other crystals or indigos... we are compatible with everyone. Don't feel lonely in your knowing and understanding, instead be so at peace and happy to know that you have a perspective and sensibilities that others do not. You will find others that accept you unconditionally as long as you accept yourself and your gifts.

When things get too intense emotionally for me, or I become frustrated with this gift I too meditate, and also take frequent walks alone to clear my head.

Good luck!

Jan 25, 2011
Coping Tips for Crystals
by: Junon Maceus

Hi Breeana,

Please find comfort in that you are not alone in your struggle to live in a 3rd dimension world while you are a 6th dimension being. It took me a while to understand who I was. 4 years ago, I took an aura photography that confirmed that I vibrate in the ultraviolet (lavender/white) range.

I'm much older than you are (late 30's), and I have faced all these difficult issues. I'm an extremely sensitive energy empath who can sense energies for even inanimate objects. Here is a list of tips that have worked for me:

1. I meditate twice a day and have been doing so for the past 18 years. I practice Transcendental Meditation. It's very effective in cleansing low energies from my energy field.

2. I exfoliate my whole body at least once a day. I find that water is very purifying.

3. I wear stones (black tourmaline, eye of the tiger & pyrite). These stones are very effective in preventing low energies from even entering my field.

4. I spend a lot of time alone to recharge my batteries.

5. I'm selective as to whom I spend time with.

6. I avoid loud places and violent entertainment (i.e., movies).

7. I communicate preferably by phone or (better yet) e-mail with people of low energy.

8. I have full spectrum lights in my home (the ones that are good for indoor plants). It's similar to being exposed to the sun.

9. I do nature walks because they are soothing, especially on a sunny day.

10. I avoid processed food and eat organic food that have no artificial flavours or colours. As an empath I can sense the energy from people, but also from objects and places. Organically grown foods that are minimally processed have high energy. If I am exposed to a substance that is not life sustaining, I may get an allergic reaction.

11. I rarely use the microwave because microwaved foods are energetically "dead".

12. I don't watch the news or TV - WAY too much negativity. (I choose not to have cable).

13. My beauty products also are mainly organic. Again if it is damaging to the body, I may get an allergic reaction.

14. I try to keep my place clean and organized. Disorganized places tend to have low energy.

15. I listen to classical and Gregorian chants on a regularly basis. The energy of these types of music is very high and soothing.

16. I try to get enough sleep and exercise at least 3 times a week.

17. I drink plenty of plain water.

My goal now is to find other Crystals because relationships with "normal" people is too challenging. They usually feel great, while I feel crappy.

If you want to contact me, you can do so at

I hope that what helpful,
J. :)

Dec 15, 2010
tips from experience
by: Anonymous

Avoiding people with negative energies makes sense, when you can. Responding to them, emotionally or otherwise, is a way of giving in to that energy. It is a choice you make. Be secure in who you are. Remind yourself who you are.

Crystals reflect and amplify the energy of others. Do not get down on yourself for this. You are a mirror. Others can see themselves in you, and they might not like what they see. When confident and centered, this is not as difficult. It is just who and how you are. Be aware that you may, seemingly through doing nothing, excite a dangerous energy in others when their negative energy is amplified by your being. It has happened to me many times.

I find meditation helps me to stay centered in myself. I also hold specific hand positions akin to mudra when I meditate. I can use these hand positions in everyday life to quickly center myself, even more so if I close my eyes. A couple of deep breaths will also help.

Recharge your batteries by looking up at the sky, admiring a stream, or a sunset. Forge a deep personal connection with nature.

Jul 09, 2010
Crystal Aura
by: Jennifer

I have a crystal aura as well and I can tell you it has been hard to adjust to the intense emotions that seem to latch on around negative energies.

One thing you have to keep in mind is you cant tell people they have problems everyone goes through stages differently and you have to just to learn how to help them in a positive way with positive words. Its hard at first but for you to be happy and for you to be a good teacher you have to learn to love and make that the basis of all you do and say.

It will make you have a positive energy and make the transition alot easier. You have to get rid of the walls and the negativity to allow the energy to flow lightly through you. Im going through the same transition it takes awhile but everything is for a reason.

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