Divining Destiny

by Michelle
(Chehalis, WA)

Divining Destiny is commited to quality guidance!

Divining Destiny is commited to quality guidance!

Committed to helping customers navigate through the difficult times in their life by offering peace and wisdom.

That's the tag line for my business, but many people don't know how personal that tag is to me. When I was 21 years old I became engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years. Everything was perfect; we were young, in love and eager to start a family. Yet just a short 6 weeks later he was taken from me in a sudden car accident.

I can't tell you the depth of grief and devastation that I sank into too. I was obsessed with everything that would never be, the life I would never have. I could barely function in those early months and my friends searched for a way to ease my agony. Approximately 3 months after Derrick passed they arranged for me to see a tarot reader.

That reading filled me with a sense of peace and hope for the future. She told me many things; that Derrick and I had lived past lives together, who he was to me in those past lives, that I would go on to meet someone else, have children and what our financial status would be. I left that meeting completely floored by all the details she had given me. That was the moment I began to heal, all I needed was reassurance that life would go on for me.

My reading intrigued me so much that I began to teach myself tarot. I did readings for close friends and at parties. It was fun when non-believers would sit across from me, saying this wasn't something they normally did, only to be completely blown away by what I had to say. What I LOVED though, was when someone would tear up, clasp my hand and tell me how much I helped them.

I was using my talent to forward the same peace and happiness I once desperately needed on to other people. It gave me a sense of purpose and filled my heart with joy seeing the healing around me. That's the foundation I built my business on; wisdom, healing, peace and joy.

Visit my website today to read my reviews and see how I can help you! I have several categories of tarot spreads to pick from; all created by me and I will modify any spreads to include any special questions at no extra charge. Tarot readings are sent by email and usually arrives 24 hours after order. Order includes cards, interpretations, and overview and a picture of the layout. Reach out to me today to see how I can help you, or stay up to date on any promotions or giveaways I have at Waiting for Website Update Bright blessings to you!

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