Dogs and Ghosts

by Courtney

One day I was walking my dog. My dog started barking, but at what? Nothing was there. Not even a sound. So I was getting a weird and unusual feeling. Was somebody watching me? Stalking me? I couldn't see this 'person', but I felt their presence. I could feel eyes and sadness burning into my flesh. Finally I shut up my dog, she whimpered then laid down. I sat beside her. I said out loud, "If your really here give me a sign.". Then I saw the clothes line move. No wind, breeze, etc, just moving for a minute and stop. I was not about to panic. So I talked to whatever it was again. I said "I'm going to ask you a question. Shake the clothes line twice for yes, shake it once for no. Alright. Here we go. Are you a ghost?" - It shook twice,a yes.

"Are you depressed, sad, or in hurt feelings?" I questioned. It was another yes.

"I'm going. No further questions." I said then got up and left. My dog still whimpered when leaving. I knew something was there, but why was it at my house? I knew we had several dead dogs in the backyard. But why was a ghost, a human ghost, at my backyard? I didn't know.

Perhaps it was a dog ghost!

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Jul 31, 2008
Afghan Hound and Ghost
by: Anonymous

When I saw this topic I felt I needed to relay my experience.

In 1981 I moved from the city to a rural mountain area with my Afghan Hound, Asar and my daughter, then 6 yrs old. Not long at all after settling in, Asar would jump upon my bed (which he was not allowed to do), and start barking wildly out the window to the front porch as if someone had arrived. You could actually hear footsteps or the sound of someone coming up the steps onto the porch. But... no one was there! This happened everyday at 5pm. It was becoming so un-nerving that I went to a friend for advice regarding what to do about it. Hence, I was told to speak with the spirit in regard to their previous passing, to help them understand that they no longer possessed a body and that it was OK for them to turn towards the light and leave.

It worked! First time out!

Now about a year later, I was again moving and went to pay my final rent to my neighbor who lived next door but not in sight of my house. We were just chatting on and I mentioned my experience upon moving into the house. He was Not Astounded. In fact, he told me that the "Old Lady" who had lived there for many years, had brought her firewood in for the night every evening about 5pm and that she had fallen one evening, perhaps a heart attack, but no one was about to find her, so she froze to death right there at those steps.

Jul 23, 2008
Always protect yourself before opening to spirit
by: Anonymous

I learned the hard way. Not every spirit has a level of purity or benevolence. Practice some method of protecting yourself before you ask questions. Surround yourself with white light, say a prayer to your guardian angel or spirit guides. Also, first determine how contact with this entity made you feel, If you feel anxious, nervous, fearful, confused etc. Pull in your welcome mat and send the spirit away. Tell it to leave---NOW!

Echo Bodine, Doreen Virtue are two authors that provide really good basic info for beginning spirit communication. Check them out.

Blessings, blessings

Jul 21, 2008
by: citlaly

I also think that dogs have that sense of feeling as well as seeing definitely and its cool that also you sense it because I also have the same thing husband also has the gift of seeing the dead and my kids too! I could only say to you - wow!

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