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Enchanted Psychic Readings

by Angel

I am straight to the point with my Enchanted Psychic Readings.

• Love
• Troubled Relationships
• Breaking - Up
• Affairs
• Dating and Mating
• Soul Mates
• Career
• Relationships
• Messages From Passed Love Ones
• Family Issues
• Finances
• Business Direction
• Health

I am a psychic/ spirit medium and have found that Clairaudience (psychic hearing) and Clairsentience (inner knowing and picking up on feelings) has always been in my life, it comes naturally to me.

I am able to pick up spiritual messages from your loved ones on 'the other side'. Usually the messages I receive are the ones you need to know.

I connect to your energy, I also read photographs – they hold some great information about the energy surrounding you or your love ones.

I’m well known for my accuracy and my practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth style.

If you need Psychic help with life’s challenges, then please contact me I know you will.

Phone: 0437340646

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