Following Ghosts

by Amber Rothermel

My name is Amber, I am 16 years old and I have my best friend Kelsey who is like my sister. This is our experience of a ghost named Alec. On November 13th 2009 (Friday the 13th) me and Kelsey and our other friend Savannah decided to bring out the weegie board (Ouija board) and summon the ghost in her house.

We turned off the lights got the candles and all that fun stuff, we gathered in our circled holding hands and said: "We summon thee ghost that walks these halls at night. We call you to this circle for some unanswered questions". The flames rose. I said, voice shaking, "Are you with us?" the flames rose even bigger. I asked all the questions that way he/she wouldn't curse us. Then all I remember is everything went black. I woke up, I guess you could call it, 3 hours later and Kelsey and Savannah look like worried freaks and I'm freakin' out... they told me I got like taken over by this ghost demon type thing. They have this notebook in MY hand writing saying all this info about some ghost named Alec...

This is the background story..

Alec was born on July 7th 1343 and died exactly 4 months later still in the year 1343. The way he died was his mother killed him.. He came back for revenge 20 years later and replaced a new soul in a new body. He married his mom that way he could kill her for his revenge. About 5 years after that his mom somehow figured out what had happened. In 1383 she killed Alec again along with his daughter and herself on November 13th but this November 13th happened to be Friday the 13th.

Apparently when I got taken over I kept screaming "GO AWAY" and then Savannah pointed out that Kelsey's pajama pants said "go away" all over them. We live in Colorado so it snows randomly and this night 11-13-09 it was snowing after this all happened and Alec wrote that it was a snowy night. Then Kelsey and Savannah went back to the weegee board (Ouija board) while I got taken over again and asked why Alec is here and what he wants. He said that the ground Kelsey's house was built on was where this all occurred. Pretty freaky s***. All night I kept going in and out and each time Kelsey and Savannah was freaked out. They said my eyes get all dilated and I turned into this whole different person. Savannah and Kelsey told me I tried to strangle Kelsey!

Then for the next two weeks I started having more dreams that would come true.. Like I'd always have them like once every 2 months. Like for example in World History class I had a dream we were gonna have a sub the next day and that Savannah wouldn't be at school either and I found a message in her History book saying "I will let you go not them, they will suffer" and sure enough the next day period 7 our teacher was gone and so was Savannah. I grabbed her History textbook and right there in red pen "I will let you go not them, they will suffer." I told Kelsey and Savannah and the next day it wasn't there but I even took a picture of it and proved it to her. We were all freaked out. Then me and Kelsey did suffer. From lights being turned on doors opening and closing radios turning on and off at exactly 12:00am every night. The worst was one day I went home and on my mirror in red lipstick was written "I'LL BE COMING FOR YOU" I took a picture sent it to Kelsey and she called me freaking out cause on her mirror was written "YOU AND AMBER WILL PAY" in lipstick and the strange thing is Kelsey doesn't and never has owned lipstick and neither does her mom!!

After about 2 maybe 2 and a half weeks everything settled down now Alec's just back to his normal haunting of Kelsey's house.

Any comments are welcome. Rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted. This is 100% true no lies only posers would post fake s***

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