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Ghost Of Love Passed

by Jo

Two years ago I lost my first love and father to my twin boys. He died of a drug overdose aged just 26. I hadn't been with him though since I was 19 and I'm now 30.

I've always loved reading about spirits and did sometimes wonder if there was life after death. But I wasn't so sure as I've never had proof.

After he passed I would feel something touch and rub my back. At this point I did not know what I was feeling. I just thought it was me or nothing. As time went by I would feel this so much stronger and I learnt to know that it was just him. He then would tickle my feet, touch my legs, face, and lips so strong it felt as if it was his hand.

I've had a few medium readings which blew me away and which I know were real. And there was a day where I was really angry and upset with myself and him after reading a letter of his to my boys. I remember sitting heartbroken, shouting at him, and hating myself and him. I could feel him touching my leg, arm and face and I remember telling him “Don't you dare touch me. Just go away leave me alone”.

That night I found it hard to sleep although I did end up falling asleep. It was like sleeping but I knew I was awake too. I heard a voice say “Joanne can you hear me?” I remember nodding yes. I knew this voice it was my love. Then he says “Joanne can you see me?” Before I could say anything it was like he just sat right in front of my face, so close I could see is eyes, nose and lips. He was appearing in a pure glow of mist. Then I woke up feeling weird all day.

I also see shapes go up and down my walls. One medium told me “he's telling me to tell you to meditate” He will be able to come through this way too you. I have been doing this for the last six months now. I can now see strong bright colours and golden light when I close my eyes. I feel tingling on my 3rd eye and it can be very sore too. I also see images of faces that I don't know. But these images go way too fast most of the time, so I can't make them out at times.

I'm a person who questions everything and I wish now that I had listened to my gut when I saw all these things. Now I have no doubt that what I'm seeing and feeling is the ghost of love passed. I hope that I get to see more and open my third eye fully so I can see him more clearly.

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Sep 07, 2018
We need to talk!
by: Talcha

I have an experience so similar to yours! And when reading this I got chills all up and down my body! I know this happened for you!

We should collaborate together when you can.

So wonderful.

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