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Ghostly Grandmother

by Jaron

A Grandmother's Ghost

A Grandmother's Ghost

I was staying at my friend’s house for the weekend and one night when I was sleeping I dreamt of myself walking down into his basement where the guest bedroom is and all of the furniture disappeared and a doorway appeared out of the wall.

Then I walked in and I saw an old woman and she started screaming and floating towards me, as if she was on a conveyer belt, with her hands up like she wanted to choke me. I felt very scared and I can remember her big brown eyes, because when she was coming towards me I couldn't move, all I could do was watch her floating towards me.

I woke up and told my friend all about it and I described the woman as having white curly hair, a big mole on the side of her face, and big brown eyes.

He brought me downstairs and showed me a picture of his grandmother because she matched the description and it was the exact same person! She had all the same liver spots and moles as in my dream. I had never seen her before because she died before we became friends and I had never seen a picture. Was she trying to tell me something? I was really freaked out, and I don't really sleep over there anymore.

I don't see why his grandmother’s ghost would contact me in my sleep.

Any ideas?

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Dec 12, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks! I was really confused as to why this was happening. It seemed like she was trying to scare me because it worked!

Oct 09, 2012
by: Anna

It sounds as if your friend's grandmother might be earthbound right now.It would be interesting to know the circumstances of her life and death.She may have just been behaving in a territorial way to scare you.Obviously she didn't really do you any harm,but I can understand why you wouldn't want to experience that again! She may not realize that she is deceased and it would be helpful to let her know that and tell her to move on to the the light.She needs to know that she has loved ones there who will help her cross over.If you know someone who can do that for her in a firm but kind way,she will more than likely move one.I have done this many times with people who are stuck in their pain patterns,worried about family members,and other reasons. Anna -

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