Homeless Ghost

by James Howlett
(London, UK )

Over the years I have experienced MANY paranormal things, some good and comforting and some not so, and having read and watched so many things regarding other peoples experiences I now see these things as not so much paranormal but more normal.

Anyways my first paranormal experience was seeing a homeless ghost when I was around 4-5 years old. I was playing in my friends bedroom, who lived next door, when just as I was getting up to leave the door came open and standing in front of us was a shadowy figure, I screamed and my friend just casually said "don`t worry, he won`t hurt you" apparently whenever his mum would leave the front room, all the ornaments and nik naks would find themselves on the floor.

What it was, was during the 2nd World War, the flats we lived in got bombed, after the war the flats were unboarded so they could be rebuilt for people to live in again. When they started unboarding the flats they found the bodies of two homeless men where my friends front room would be, and obviously me and my friend were too young to have any idea about things like that.

We lived there in the early 80`s so there may have been a few people experience things there. But like I said that was just the first, nearly every house I lived in I have had some sort of paranormal experience.

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Aug 07, 2013
Homes haunts
by: Starr

I have lived in a few homes where we moved in and I saw things. When I was maybe 10 or 11, not quite sure, we lived in a house where the previous owner died in the bathroom.

I remember getting up in the night to go and opened the door and there he was. I woke up my mother and when we went back he was gone. After that we had pictures taken off the wall in our living room wall and placed on the floor after we all went to bed. I thought he didn't like it there so Mom put another picture there and again woke to it being on the floor.

We moved from there and went to another house. That house was clear. Now as an adult I go into a home to determine if it is clear. If we were not alone, we would not move there.

Property can also be haunted and you know we just built our new home and it is haunted with Indians, but they are friendly and know I can see them. They made me feel protected and relaxed.

I hope it stays that way.

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