How I Read the Tarot

by Nevaeh
(Tennessee, USA)

The Tarot, for me, is a tool to connect with the Inner Self. It is like s spiritual guidance system, a light that illuminates all the hidden beauty within our souls.

You see, we are all on a journey, an infinite, exciting, never ending adventure, and the Tarot is one of those tools that can reveal to us where we are, where we have been, where we are headed, and all the beautiful gifts that we might not have noticed along the way.

I am also a Shaman, and when I read the Tarot, I do so from my Sacred Garden. I always journey to this place when I do a reading. From here, I read the cards clairvoyantly, and not just with logic or tradition.

I believe that we are all connected. We are all of the same Parent Mind and of the same Spirit, and that is why I can journey into the spirit of the person I am reading for and I can see what others might not see. It is really like seeing a part of myself, and that is how I approach it.

This is why in the Bible we read that we should "love our neighbor" as our own selves,and it is no coincidence that this is referred to as "The Golden Rule" - because our neighbor truly is a part of us. We are all a reflection of the Parent Mind, however you want to refer to It - God, The Father, The Higher Self, The Inner Guide, The Original Substance, Creator - which ever title you prefer, it is still the same Spirit in us all and working through us all, and therefore we are all connected through this Spirit. So, if I bring healing to you, I bring healing to myself. If I bring illumination to you, I bring it to myself, as well. The opposite is true, as well. However I treat my neighbor, is probably how I am treating myself. If a person is constantly angry with others or critical, this person is probably very critical of their own self. If someone is allowing of others and merciful, this person loves and respects their own self.

Basically, what I am saying, is that I read the Tarot by journeying to the Spirit, by seeing the person I am reading for not as a separate being, but as a part of myself, and by Clairvoyantly seeing and hearing what the Spirit would desire to reveal to this person as they make their own journey.

"Treat yourself as you would have the Universe treat you - because, ultimately, It will."

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Nov 28, 2011
Email change
by: Tabitha

I left you the comment with my email address because you told me that you may be able to help me with my dreams. I wanted to let you know that my new email is . My other was hacked so if you still wish to help me with my Spooked By A Dream story I would love your feedback. Thanks!!

Nov 13, 2011
Writer of Spooked by a Dream
by: Tabitha

You left me a comment on the Dream Projects page. I have tried going to your page and contacting you but the contact page will not load. My email is .I am not sure wether this will be approved because it has my email but I really hope that it is. You may be right about Remote Viewing. Although if you are it is someone from the past. Every dream that I have had has been in the past. They are decades apart but the man is always the same only the woman in the dream changes. I always feel fear but only for her. I hope to hear from you soon.

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