How I See Auras

by Anna

For many years I would see auras around people randomly and unexpectedly, but not on a regular basis. An Apache friend of mine, who sees auras very well, and I started spending time together looking at people's auras where ever we might be.

He would ask me what color I thought someone's aura was and I would tell him what I thought it would be, even if I wasn't able to see it very well at the time, and he would not only confirm what I saw but also tell me what information he sensed about that person.

At first, red was the most difficult color for me to see and, ironically, my friend is color blind and does not see red, but when you are viewing an aura you are seeing it with your third eye and so it is possible for him to see that color. He has never seen the beautiful pinks and reds in a sunset, but he can see someone's aura turn red when they are angry with no problem.

After several years of practising and comparing notes with my friend, I began to see auras most of the time. There are always situations that make it challenging to see an aura, and for me it is when someone is standing against a brown background, because brown includes all the colors and just washes it out.

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