I Divine Relationships

by Karley
(Foley, MN. USA)

At first I just thought I was a very intuitive person, just someone who saw more possibilities than most. Besides, all my relationships were horrible. It wasn't until one night at work, when a co-worker mentioned his wife, and I saw, plain as day, them separating for a period of over a year. I assumed there were going to be marital problems, because they were arguing. In that I was wrong, the young man I worked with is joining the army soon. I knew they would separate, instinctively.

For the past 3 years my brother and his lover have been arguing non-stop. He moves out about once a month, but I knew from the first he would never leave her, not permanently. My best friends are in a relationship, one that will end when the dominant person gets bored. I know this, but will never tell them in the hope that it won't come true. That one of them will exercise the will to make a drastic change, because they are happy now, and could be very good for each other, but probably won't.

I would like to put this skill to good use, can anyone help me with this? Karley (darque_hrt) + (@hotmail.com)

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