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I Have Experienced Ghosts

by Emily
(123 Sesamee Street)



For the last five years I have experienced "ghosts." I don’t really know when this started, but ever since I can remember, I felt like I was being watched. I have no valid explanations for this, and the intensity of it varies. Then, when I was 10 and 11 I had frequent run-ins with "ghosts." I do believe in ghosts, but I don’t know what to call these, and frankly the stories are too long.

Basically, a very terrifying man would come out if my closet and stand at my bed. I saw a young boy from the pioneer days looking through my previously closed diary and I would find it open in the morning. Three men in black suits and long top hats watch me sleep. And so on.

These experiences decreased for a few years, and just recently flared up again with more sightings and notorious black "gingerbread men" as I like to call them. They look like shadows shaped like gingerbread man cookies that I see at least once a day out of the corner of my eye.

I was really thinking I was crazy, and I don’t want to be on meds for paranoia or anything. I was going to see a psychiatrist in hopes of getting things cleared up, when I remembered that when I was about 12, I learned about psychics. So I've been trying to meditate and talk aloud when I have intense feeling of being watched.

Friday and today I got the best results yet. Friday I meditated, but I felt like I was sinking, then floating, and while floating I saw a lady from around the 1700's who looked horribly sad, then a baby from around the same time. I could feel the woman's emotions and she was so empty feeling. She kept going back to thinking about the baby. I don’t know what happened to the baby, but she definitely lost him.

Today, I was in my room listening to Pandora when I felt like I was being watched. So I stood up and turned the volume off, then I stood in the middle of the room and said "Hello, can I help you?" and I was hoping for a sign, but there was nothing, so I asked "can you talk to me?" and then the feeling was gone. So I turned the volume back up and was shocked. Pandora was playing the song "Jar of hearts" that my sister and I were literary belting out not even 5 min earlier, and she said she would only come listen to music if I turned it on. It could just be a coincidence, but considering I was hoping it would common, and the previous song had only been on for 5 seconds, I thought this had to be it.

Also, I have "deja vu dreams" which to me are little scenes that appear in my dreams that end up happening that oncoming week. They are usually just little things. Like my dad asking for clearasil was one.

I don’t know what any of this is, so if anyone has any ideas or advice, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Oct 23, 2015
by: Katherine

One morning I woke up at 3am and nobody was awake. I heard footsteps outside my door. My door opened by itself and then it shut. Something was out my door but I didn't check.

Oct 12, 2012
response to comment
by: Emily

I defiantly think your psychic. Those are some common things that psychics can do. You sound like a medium to me, do.t freak out, and you can also get random messages. Ever since I wrote this, I figured I must have some small ability that I just need to build up. You have strong and clear abilities. You should look into if, but if you want to shut ur off, there are ways of meditation that can do that. Thanks for the comment!

Oct 11, 2012
I've started to experience the feeling of being watched
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 years old and I've started to experience the feeling of being watched...It's been happening for a while, but I just thought it was me. Then when I rolled over in bed one night I spotted a dark, shadow man out of the corner of my eyes. I turned back around quickly, obviously frightened...:( After that, things settled down. Then a few days later, a little girl appeared in front of me around the age of 3/4. I thought she was real and began talking to her. The more she sat and stared, the more I realized only I could see her. I thought I was going nuts! The little girl has followed me since and when I'm either sleeping or awake I get little flashes of things, as if they're flashbacks of the little girl or anyone, and then I'll get up and write them they're signs and information about the girl. Information just appears in my head sometimes too, like the "spirits" names...I'm so creeped out....
Maybe I am nuts....

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