Investigated by Louisville Paranormal

by G Hunter

Haunted House?

Haunted House?

I can feel things or sense spirits, as well as my intuition is normally at 95 to 100% dead on! What would you call my gift. Here's how it all started.

My grandmother (my fathers mother) babysat us from birth til I was in my teens. Her house was haunted and so was her sister's (which was across the street). My grandma had the ability of having visions. She also told me that her great aunt had the ability of levitation. She told me many stories growing up. I have a deep appreciation for those who have psychic abilities. I believe in all things are possible. I am a child of the Lord. I also know there is a dark side.

I've always known I have the gift of sense or intuition. I never told anyone about it. Mainly because people tend not to believe and think your crazy. Which doesn't bother me because I know that it's easier to say I don't believe in something because they don't understand it. My dad knows that I have a gift and I am able to talk openly about it to him and I can go to him when something happens or if I need guidance.

I live in my great aunts house (the house across the street). She was a very Christian woman. She is my guardian angel. My house is haunted. I have had Louisville Paranormal here to investigate. When they came they brought a psychic with them. They set up all their equipment throughout the house. My house was built in 1912. It is set up as follows: walk in front door into living room to right is dining room separated by two built-ins. Hallway shaped like a circle, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, then basement door. Basically two front rooms of house (living-room & dining-room) were added on in the 30's. So the true start of house is hallway. This is were they sat a meter down on floor that reads the energy. When I would walk past it the alarms would sound an the gauge would go off the chart. The psychic asked me " you can sense things cant you"? I said why do you ask and she said because your bouncing off of me. I told her yes that I can feel when a spirit is around.

I know to claim my space and I know to acknowledge. I even know how to cleanse a house. I have had an experience with dealing with a demon, he showed himself to me and I let him know that I saw him but was not afraid, and that he needed to leave, that bad spirits weren't welcome in my home or around me.

My question is how do I learn how to sharpen my skills?

I would like to be able to know who or what it is I'm feeling around me.

Can anybody help me?

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