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Jesus Talked With Me

by Tia

I had a dream with Jesus and me praying over someone and him talking to me. In the dream Jesus was standing in front of me with his arms open, he was wearing pure white, and was barefoot, and I ran to him and hugged him, after I had hugged him we were walking and were we were was like a sandy desert, with some olive trees, and he was telling me a couple things.

Suddenly it changed and I saw a man which in my dream I knew but I have never seen before and I called him Saul, he was tied and two men in-front and two men in back of him where carrying him on some wood. Saul was tied up I was kneeling crying and I laid my hands on him and before I prayed I looked over and Jesus was also next to me not crying though just looking a Saul with his hands on Saul also.

I started the prayer by saying Saul don't be afraid for remember be strong in all that you do even the bad just remember the Lord walks before, and then I said again Saul please let the lord walk before you. I remember, when I started the prayer, Jesus joined in and as Saul cried I saw Jesus stand in front of the two men carrying him and walked in the archway before him. But I could not see what was on the other side, and I remember I stayed on my knees and kept saying don't be scared and I pointed and said look the Lord walks before you Saul, he walks before you.

Then they took Saul beyond the archway and then I remember Jesus lifting my face, wiping my tears, and he stood me up, hugged me, and said I was with him when he was created, for my name is wisdom, in which I know you will not understand yet my dear but soon you shall. I love you my child now it’s time for you to go forth and reveal.

The time setting in the dream was like it was happening back in the days of Jesus even before Jesus was born it was like only I knew and could see him there but everyone else paid him no mind as if they couldn't see.

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Dec 01, 2013
Carry on
by: Ms.Starr

What a wonderful Visitation. I had one similar years ago. I have crossed over many time to see my loved ones how have gone before me. On one I was walking down a long hall to see my grandparent there. As I walked down the hall I passed many doors. One was open and I heard some one call me. I stopped and looked inside. It was a room with several people in side. The room it's self was painted white, the furniture was white all the floors were white. The people were so sad and asked me to come in. I felt like some thing was wrong there so I didn't go in. One of them said they were hungry and showed me empty cabinets, and refrigerator. I noticed that even the plated, and pots and pans were with. They had windows but it was totally black out side. I thought how sad they must be. My friend James came and said Jesus wanted to see me. I followed him to Jesus and before I could say a word he said, "Starr the reason they wanted you to go into that room is because your pure spirit would free them. They were in purgatory for doing things they did in life. The need to repent for their sins." I asked where is hell? and he replied, "Hell is no where, nothing, the soul is no more and they will cease to exist. They will be no more." I believe I was told because I needed to understand what happens to people like killers. Jesus also told me people who did things against humanity went to hell. No repent was to be forgiven. So look at what was being said. Prayer to be given, even the sinners. I think you have been blessed to have knowledge other wish for.

Nov 30, 2013
Be open and believe
by: Anonymous

I think you are being prepared for some sort of happening; not sure what, when or from whom. Just stay in tuned to your intuition and stay alert for an open door. Your belief system is strong and will guide and support you through this happening-possible longer.

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