Mini Lenormand Reading Sample

by André
(Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil)

Mini Lenormand Reading Sample for a Male subject.

Mini Lenormand Reading Sample for a Male subject.

This is what I see immediately affecting the querent.

It looks like this man is in a deep and draining pursuit for knowledge. His mind is bright, but he tends to keep looking to the past even though it does not suit his needs anymore. This only drains his energy and affects his mind in a negative way. He is a very emotional man, trustworthy and calm.

Spiritually, this man is protective, has a sense of loyalty, and shows compassion and charity.

The Star above the head with the heart in his right side shows spiritual help and good energy coming towards him.

Regards business and financials, there is some instability, the man is single and his resources of income are scarce (The Mice along with The Knight). But a possibility of a woman who can offer some kind of partnership to improve material gains is on the table. But be aware that this woman is not trustworthy and is only seeking for her own gains and not a real partnership.

There is an advice regards a female friend: be careful, she is trying pull the rug from under your feet. There is news coming regards love affairs, also big news about studies and family members.


Hello, my name is André. I am 28 years old and live in Brazil. I hope you like my Mini Lenormand Reading Sample. I have had a relationship with Lenormand since I was about 11 years old. I started reading for other people since I was 15 years old.

While the Lenormand can be a gossip tool its main approach is divinatory. It sure can help bring some issues from the past to the surface so you can work things out and make peace with those issues.

I mainly work with the Grand Tableau. I can provide you with a mini reading that can tell what is affecting you and can provide answers to questions at the current time.

I am a medium. I have intuitive insights, sometimes I have empaths feeling, but I don't use it very often. If it's needed these insights will show in the reading and I don't charge more for that.

I provide readings by E-mail or private message only. This is because it's the easy way for me to talk in English. I give you a 24-hour time frame to discuss the reading. I like to do this so we can connect better with the reading, the questions and the cards.

My work is very helpful to people in my own country of Brazil and now I have recently started doing it for people around the world.

I also work with Tarot, but not as professional, as beginner. So I charge a little less for those readings.

(Waiting for updated contact info)

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