My Jesus Encounter,

by Cary Wade King
(Athens, Ala.)

Iv'e always known that there is a much deeper part of Jesus Christ than what the fundamentalist claim in so much intolerance.

I believe strongly in my Native American beliefs and somewhat felt anger. Not at the Lord for what has been done in his name by misguided Christians and warmongers, but to twist his teachings to represent his love for only his followers and chosen.

Free thinkers were Heretics. All mankind wants is a loving God who understands they are human fighting their weaknesses and strengths. Wishing, praying and hoping they can overcome their faults and use them constructively for God.

As a Native American I resented the concept of manifest destiny.

Deep in my heart I knew to be whole I had to be open. One cold snowy night I apologized for my closed mind and asked him to show me! A voice said "put on your cloak and walk into the woods".

It was a cloudy night but the path and trees glowed as it would on a full moon. It was about 1am in the morning. My footsteps kept going until I reached a grove of cedar trees at the end of the property line.

I sat down on a tree stump surrounded in darkness. I said show me and teach me.

Before my eyes a cloudy mist rolled from the other side of our property. It rolled in gently and slow and took on a blueish and gold tint. It grew thicker and before my eyes about 15 ft. I saw Christ kneeling as he is seen praying in the painting of the garden of Gethsemane. He faced West and spoke telepathicly. A sweet voice in a soft whisper spoke, "Worry not, be comforted for I "will" come. But not in the way my followers believe. But in a way to touch all hearts and all will know I love them. My kingdom will descend and all will know me."

My heart and my body seemed to glow like a ray of sunshine on a cold January night and I felt euphoric and at total peace. The Methodist church bell in Winchester began to ring as it does on Sunday and I could hear it though it is 10 miles from where I lived. So clear as if only a mile away.

I began to study more about the Bible and especially the Gnostic Tenets. So never judge a good and loving belief no matter what a few misguided people do in the name of religion.

Now when I pray, I do it the Indian way but now God,Jesus,the Great mystery, Tunkashala, Budda, Mohamed have blended together as one as every thing in creation is part of the Great Circle of Life.

Mitakeya Oyasin
All My Relations.

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Oct 25, 2010
by: Levi

How did you do that Can you teach me how my heart and my body glow of rays of sunshine.

Mar 27, 2010
by: Cary

The term Mitakeya Oyasin is a Lokata Souix word with a very deep meaning, but simple. "All my relations," is used by myself at the close of a prayer. It means that we are all related by Creation itself by our "Creator." The two-legged,(humans)the four-legged,(Animals), the winged-ones(birds) the plant people, and all that walk,fly,crawl, or swim. It is a sacred prayer of recognition that we are all brothers and sisters.

We are all connected to each other and everything God has created. The Creator is the center that connects us all to each other, and everything. A cord of "Divine Spirit" that attaches us to the Maker in many circles, put all together in "The Great Circle of Life."

I am connected to you. You to me. We to all our family, friends, and the human race. Yet we are also connected to our pets, animals, trees, wind, earth, sun, moon, and stars, galaxies, the Universe. In a sacred(holy) way. I see it as his perfection. Each thing is directed in its own way.

We are intended to be in harmony. We two-legged are given responsibilty to take care of our brothers and sisters, protect those that cannot protect themselves, feed those that cannot feed themselfs, and so on, including Mother Earth for she has always done all that.

Also, we are the big brothers and sisters that the Creator gave the gift of free will. We can pull away from "The Great Circle," which we are free do. We can do things to hurt others, hurt ourselves.

The hurt grows until we and everything is affected. It has become the situation we have today. All the problems have escalated becuase we chose to go against "What was and is to be."

I believe and many others, that God has given us all abilities, talents, and these are our strenghts; "What we have to work with" to make a difference; not only in our lives, but all our relations. We are also born with negative things in our makeup that we must work at until we become stronger- The hardships of life each person must face. We laugh, we cry, we win, we loose; But the Creator is patient and loves us. When we as individuals learn to stop tugging and trying to go our own way, we begin to learn to walk in a good path. One person can make a difference one day by just smileing at someone in Wal-Mart who seems sad, angry, hurting, or in a hurry. If you can make them smile, you may have made someone feel good. You may cause an angry person to think about what is right or wrong in their life. The Cherokee beleive that when you have found something good, share it with someone, and the good keeps going and growing.

Yes, What we reep, we sow, but LOVE is it. I think we can rationalize and interpretate all we like. Love seems to me to encompass the whole spiritual system. The gas and oil bringing the plan to what it should be.

Thanks for Reading

PS Id like to hear any thoughts or feelings you might have.


Mar 18, 2010
god is love
by: Anonymous

"I began to study more about the Bible and especially the Gnostic Tenets. So never judge a good and loving belief no matter what a few misguided people do in the name of religion.

Now when I pray, I do it the Indian way but now God,Jesus,the Great mystery, Tunkashala, Budda, Mohamed have blended together as one as every thing in creation is part of the Great Circle of Life.

Mitakeya Oyasin All My Relations."

I honour you and your relations...

May I impart to you the meaning to me of what you have written "God,Jesus,the Great mystery, Tunkashala, Budda, Mohamed" they all preach "love"... if we disect them some of the teachings can be taught through various religious beliefs... but ultimately "we" collectively are all "love" in the sense of that is what we give to each other... irrelevant or race/creed/religion... its what we "sow"...

Please let me know what: Mitakeya Oyasin means as somehow the words unknown resound in me.

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