My Tarot Reading Perspective

by Cathy Kenyeres
(Ontario Canada)

After completing tarot card readings for my many clients, it is always interesting for me to see how my clients use the advice that I have given them to make better choices in their lives.

Completing a tarot reading or an angel reading is not about predicting someone’s future. Or telling them about past experiences. The tarot reading is not about me receiving validation from a client about my accuracy.

The tarot card reading experience is about presenting guidance to my clients in such a way that serves their spirit by encouraging their strengths, boosting their self-confidence, and turning their challenges from negative to positive.

I once completed a reading for a young girl in her twenties. She told me that when she and her friends went out each weekend, that all the men that they met were not up to their expectations. I told her if that is what she and her girlfriends expected to meet, or their expectations low, then that is what would come their way.

I told her that I believe in the law of attraction. What you put out to the universe in thought, or spoken word would be returned to you. If my young client and her girlfriends thought about meeting the men of their dreams and what qualities and attributes they would like to see men, then these men would be put on their path. Totally surprised, this is what they were doing. The expectation of going out on the weekends and meeting men who were undesirable was such a pessimistic thought process. Again, changing their negative thoughts into positive ones would help.

I always wonder when my clients leave our sessions, what the outcome will be. Sure enough, within four months, this young girl met a man whom she is quite fond of by changing her thought process to a more confident one and attracting what she really wanted.

In the matter of the love, everyone is deserving of a loving relationship. However, if my client does not believe it and thinks the opposite, such as she or he will never meet anyone. This is exactly what will come your way. No one!

The cards that are presented to me in a tarot reading will be the ones that will help my clients see what they need to work on to improve their situation and turn it completely around along with placing positive thoughts out to the universe and clearly communicating and believing in them.

I give my clients time to digest what has been presented to them. And in most cases, I see a light bulb going off in their heads… "Yes, I can really do this". "Yes, I can really see me in a new and exciting relationship".

It is so nice to see them leave pumped up and excited. But the real work will come after they leave our session. I ask my clients to remember that tarot cards that were drawn in their reading and concentrate and believe in them when they begin to get down and stuck in the same rut.

Another aspect that clients have in a tarot card reading is free will. My clients ask me when a relationship ended will it ever be resumed. Sometimes it can be. But sometimes more importantly will be the opportunity of meeting someone new and by finding someone new may give someone a clearer perspective of what they truly need. However, hanging onto the past is familiar and comfortable and going out there and meeting someone new maybe scary. However, this is where free will comes into play and ultimately a client’s choice what road he or she will travel on.

What roads are you travelling on? Do you believe in the law of attraction and free will?

Angel Hugs

Cathy Kenyeres


Cathy Kenyeres is an intellectual empath with clairsentient abilities that came about during her childhood and have evolved with her studies of spirituality.

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