Pisces 2018 Predictions

by Stefantastic

Pisces 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Pisces 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Pisces 2018 Predictions for Love
During the first few months of 2018, your behavior will be best described as haphazard and somewhat inconsiderate. You will put yourself first, showing little regard for anyone else, including your romantic partner. The sooner you manage to curb this selfish streak and odd behavior, the better. By March, you should be able to get back on track, and to your true self, by again being more generous to those around you - be they friends, family, or a love interest. After April, romance will abound and you will feel loved and ready to love. This trend will continue throughout the year and beyond, leading perhaps to marriage, or at least stable, monogamous relationship. Avoid any urge to stray and cheat and be respectful of your partner because odds are they very much deserve it. Children are not in the cards for most yet but are not completely out of the question in the years to come.

Pisces 2018 Predictions for Career
More than once in your life, you must've felt the need to drop all of world's material trappings and pursue a purely spiritual path. Tempting as that may occasionally sound, you are not very likely to commit to that scenario any time soon. In fact, 2018 promises to be a year of extremely rational behavior and clarity of thought enabling you to make some major decisions of which you will be proud further down the line. As the first few months roll by, Pisceans will sort out any unfinished business that may be lingering from the previous period. Soon their efforts will start yielding good results. The important thing is to commit to one path and pursue it diligently, even if it may appear dull at first. Do not diversify your professional activities but instead focus on what you do best. Even though you will seem to have less luck than usual, a major influx into your budget is likely to be an inheritance of some sort, be it money or real estate. This will give you a lot more maneuvering space and end the year on a very positive note.

Pisces 2018 Predictions for Health
Stomach ulcers and other gastric problems are a definite possibility. Avoiding excessively spicy food could be a wise choice, at least for the time being. Instead, focus on a more plant-based diet and drink plenty of water, especially during the summer months. Around the same time, tensions in your immediate environment might start to run high so be sure to stay out of any open conflict and avoid injury. Keep your temper in check. Apart from that, your general wellbeing, both mental and physical, will be above average and you will be ready to tackle any ball life throws your way. Occasionally, you might want to withdraw away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and into a more natural environment, to recharge your batteries. This will do you good.

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by: Ian

Thanks Stefantastic, another discerning outlook to 2018.

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