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Pisces and Physical Appearance

by Shakeela
(London, UK)

For Pisces

For Pisces

Your sun sign is only one side of you and represents your ego and inner nature. Your Venus sign is how you love and relate with others and also describes your beauty, and if you have Venus in Pisces than you love like Pisces. Also Venus is exalted in Pisces at 27 degrees so hence it is an EXCELLENT PLACE FOR PISCES. I have Venus in Pisces and I love it.

Now Pisces do not have much pride and tend to be sensitive to other people's feelings. They are insensitive to their own feelings. They get confused easily and need space to think things through. Often they can be used by others. They do not speak up and do not usually defend themselves unless the Pisces has MERCURY in ARIES, LEO OR SAGITTARIUS. No one gets away with messing around with them. Also if you know someone with MERCURY IN SCORPIO than WATCH out they are very sneaky and ahead of you.

Pisces are usually very kind, loving and considerate. They have a lot of inner strength and no matter what they are lot stronger than they think they are. They also make the best actors, dancers and artists. They have abundance of talents, if only they could follow through them than they would truly be successful. In love they are magnetic and desirable, Men find Pisces women very attractive. They tend to be popular and are MYSTERIOUS PEOPLE.

I have 3 planets in Pisces and Neptune in my first house. I do get confused a lot and can't figure out how I feel most of the time.
I am very artistic, spiritual and I am good at dance and the arts. I have mercury in Aries so I do speak my mind and will defend myself no matter what.

I guess it is how you look at things because anything could be seen as negative or positive.

If you have MANY planets in Pisces than you are dominated by WATER (element) and by that sign. So hence you are more of a typical Pisces.

When it comes to appearance take in account of your MOON, SUN, RISING SIGN, PLANETS IN FIRST HOUSE AND THE DAY OF THE WEEK YOU WERE BORN.

For instance I have Sun in Pisces (ruled by Neptune)

Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus)

Rising sign in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter)

Planets in first house include Uranus, mars and Neptune

Born on Friday (ruled by Venus)

So hence the planets that determine my physical appearance include URANUS, NEPTUNE, MARS, JUPITER AND VENUS which would mean I am not a typical Pisces for sure.

Uranus -gives unusual look to the appearance, magnetic
Neptune --gives dreamy and mysterious persona, seductive
Mars- usually thin and active looks, athletic
Jupiter - height and increase in size, sporty
Venus - charm and good looks to appearance, attractive

I think if you are overly dominated by Neptune than you are most likely to be physically round and have very feminine shape. Your body more or less would be pear shaped. Pisces and Pisces risings can have very pretty faces but bodies are unbalanced. Also Pisces are known to have fish lips and big eyes and short bodies.

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2 Pisces in my chart
by: Patricia

Well I have a Jupiter in Sagittarius in the first house conjunct my ascendant and Pluto in 12th house

I have a Venus In Pisces and Saturn both in 3rd house
My moon is in cancer

Sun in Aries
Mars in Leo
Uranus in Aquarius conjunct my Neptune in Capricorn both In 2nd house.

Pisces women
by: Anonymous

oh pisces women are sexy there eyes are very beautiful baby like innocent face and at first glance looks like a vulnerable doll seeing with those deep set of eyes like a child....full feminine grace and body of a dancer soft gentle highly expressive

by: Anonymous

How would you determine all the other aspects of your sign? like in relation to Neptune, Venus, Mars etc

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