Pisces Undying Loyalty

by Corinne
(Lakewood, NJ, USA)

I am a Pisces born on March 2nd, 1989. I have always been attracted to the unknown and am capable of many different abilities. I am spiritual; my best modes are surrounded by feelings and deep emotions. I can be very outgoing or the complete opposite. I am very contradicting, I can want one thing, then turn around and want something completely different. I am extremely creative, I can draw, paint, sing, dance, I even write my own songs and am teaching myself guitar and keyboard.

Throughout my years I go into modes of complete isolation or modes of constantly needing to be in the spotlight. For example, the time I was the lead in my high school musical, which was really awesome.

I'm am very big in finding out as much as possible about any giving subject, especially things such as Indigo Children, the year 2012, mysticism, magic, world religions, auras, meanings with numbers, letters, and anything that’s dreamy.

Pisces are the biggest dreamers which can be a good thing but can also be bad incases where you’re ever stuck at work or school and you find yourself in another world.

We can be very caring, loving, and romantic. Sometimes we can even be very exotic, and very sexual. The weaknesses we encounter are being taken advantage of, because were so kind; we'll see all the good in a person and neglect the bad. We can become very obsessed with certain subjects/people.

Pisces make great friends and will always be loyal especially when love is there. And I also love being a fellow Pisces.

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March 2nd Pisces
by: Eze

I'm also a march 2nd Pisces, born in 1987. Totally connect with your post.

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