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Psychic Advice differs between the medium, clairvoyant, tarot reader and channeler. Generally, the most sought after psychic is called a medium. (Medium: An agent through which something else is transmitted or carried.) Receiving Psychic Advice is usually called ‘having a reading’.

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A psychic medium receives information through:

-> Clairvoyance: the ability to see what isn’t seen through the eyes

-> Clairaudience: to hear what isn’t heard through the ears

-> Clairsentience: to be able to touch, taste or smell beyond the natural range of these senses. Click here to read what Cheryl Palomino says about being a clairvoyant.

Click here to read what Cheryl Palomino says about being a clairvoyant.

Psychic Advice

Each medium will have his/her own idea from where they convey their psychic advice.

For some it’s simply connecting to the spirit world as they have the ability to communicate with those who have passed over. As in these insights into the afterlife from a ghost whisperer.

Consider though, that if a person was as thick as a brick whist alive, he/she is most likely as thick as a brick while dead too. So if dead Uncle Fred, who had gone bankrupt ten times over whilst alive, comes to you through the medium and says “sell all your stocks and go live in the hills” think very carefully before taking this psychic advice too seriously. Would you walk across the road and stop a total stranger and ask what advice he had for your major life purpose? I don’t think so.

However, a session with a spirit medium can be very reassuring for those who have lost loved ones. Contacting those who have died is a very popular form of obtaining psychic advice and attracts the TV producers to televise some of the more famous mediums like John Edward, James Van Praagh and the like. I should say, rather, the passed-on contacting the living via the medium. It is more the case that spirits will find the medium in a way to come through to you, not you finding a way to contact the spirits.

If you could see with your own eyes that every one of us is surrounded by angels, spirit guides, and our family and friends that have passed on, you would never doubt that you are truly blessed. Clairvoyant medium Rev Jennifer Marie Solis shares Six Steps of Actualizing Your Higher Self for psychic advice and Divine Inspiration.

As a psychic medium, Beth Berry can help you communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world. Beth's compassionate psychic advice can help you experience proof of life after death. It was Beth's brother Brian who gave her the "kick in the pants" (from the other side) to use her psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience without fear. (Brian was killed on December 25, 1997 at the age of 21). You can read Beth’s story here: Advice from the Light of Brian

Author and afterlife communication psychic, Penny Clark Babson, recently explained to me how she connects to the other side. One of the most important things that she has learned about afterlife communication is that you do not need a psychic medium to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Here is Penny’s advice about afterlife communication.

Some mediums will connect with Higher Realms. Their Spiritual Psychic Readings are communications brought forward from the essence of different dimensions; Angels, Beings of Light and Wise Old Entities.

Often referred to as a Trance Channeler this type of medium will usually go into a light trance state while the being aligns with the person and communicates THROUGH him/her. Some mediums have little or no conscious awareness of the messages being shared. But this is not set in stone, some channelers will remain totally aware of the session whilst it is in progress. Typically this psychic advice is not personal but rather more about higher insights to live by.

Much of the channeled information is truly remarkable, but you have to get your own experiences to know that of course, and I must warn you, I have also found this area to harbor many absolute fruit-cakes and space-cadets. So buyers beware as they say, Nutters exist as well as the Real MacCoys.

This leads me to the skeptics. All I can say about the skeptics is this:

  • For the believers no proof is necessary,
  • for the skeptics no proof is enough.

I’m happy for both the believers and the skeptics. I’m not here to convert anyone. I have my own evidence and you need to get yours, if you want to that is.

It’s always best to be skeptical until your own experience of receiving psychic advice gives you good reason to believe.

psychic tools

If it’s answers to important questions you seek, more down to earth psychic advice can come from the Clairvoyant Tarot Reader.

I would like separate the Tarot Card reading from Clairvoyant Tarot reading here.

A good Clairvoyant Tarot Reader will use the imagery of the Tarot to inspire visual messages in the minds eye. He/she will then relay thoughts and feeling from those visualizations within.

The clairvoyant tarot reader is a psychic. Those images will ‘come alive’ in the psychics mind's eye. The clairvoyant will then be able to convey messages and future guidance about specific areas of your life.

This type of reading will usually be more about what is going on for you NOW and in the near future.

  • Issues such as relationships: “Is my ex boyfriend going to come back to me?” “Who is my wife spending her time with?” “Will this friendship turn into something more?”
  • Issues such as Business and Careers: “Will I get this job I've just had an interview for?” “Is this person a good partner in this business venture?” I am so bored in my work life, what career path should I be taking?”

These and many more are often the questions asked of and answered in a good way by The Clairvoyant Tarot Reader. They don’t involve talking to spirits and entities and do help many people in everyday situations.

Some Clairvoyants convey their psychic advice by gazing at a crystal ball. In a similar way that the clairvoyant will see the tarot cards come alive the crystal ball gazer will see things in the nothingness through the ball.

It’s not the Crystal Ball that has magic power. It won’t matter whether the ball is quartz crystal or lead crystal glass, it’s the ability of the clairvoyant to see the unseen.

I remember struggling for many years to ‘see’ things in my crystal ball. I had been adept with my Clairvoyant Tarot-Vision for more than fifteen years or more but try as I may all I could see in the crystal ball was the impurities and flaws in the glass. Then one day while in the middle of giving a reading over the phone I just glanced back at the ball and there in my minds eye the animated image of a hand holding a scrap of paper with a word written on it as clear as daylight. It was the very answer to the question my client had just posed.

I still can’t just pull to me the visions in the ball, but it’s always there during my readings and most often the signs and messages needed, will appear right on time.

The Oracles (Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Astrology and I-Ching) are studied and used by many people.

Although I have found a big difference between the psychic and the oracle-teller, seeking advice from the various oracles (printed or practiced) can be both entertaining and thought provoking.

Now you can access the wisdom of the ages from your personal computer. Just wait until you see Matrix Software's amazing new forecasting software. This PC Oracle is great!

A Tarot Reader will study and learn the meaning of each and every card, then replicate those meanings in a reading. These tarot readers usually follow a structure and lay cards in a ‘spread’, most popular being the Celtic Cross or a variation of it.

In my mind, you may as well get a Tarot deck and instruction book and look the meanings up for yourself. I don’t think of a Tarot reader as a psychic.

I don’t want to put down the Tarot, it is fascinating and well worth the study. I will cover different subjects like Tarot, Angels, Channeling, and Numerology etc in subsequent pages.

Steps to take before seeking Psychic Advice:

psychic questions

When you narrow down to the type of advice you are looking for it is easier to find a psychic with the right experience for you.

Are your questions specific and down-to-earth, about now and near future events that affect you personally? Best seek the Clairvoyant Tarot Reader.

Looking for evidence of life after death? Wanting to know that loved ones who have passed over are still real in some form, safe and know you are thinking of them? Arrange a reading with a psychic spirit medium.

Higher level questions like advice on Spiritual Paths, Universal Wisdom and questions on life, universe and all that is?

Locate a trance channeler, either one who will conduct a personal reading or one who holds group lectures and dialogues.

Choose the method of obtaining your reading. A personal recommendation is always good lead to follow, but where do you find psychic advice?

new age bookstore

There are usually psychic advisors of one type or another at a local new age bookstore. Remember to question the store owner or psychic about what type of reader he/she is.

Market stalls usually have a tarot reader on site as do Psychic Fairs, New Age festivals, Body-Mind-Spirit exhibitions and the like.

Of course today, more and more people opt for Online Psychic Readings because of convenience, ease and value.

If you have never experienced a psychic reading before, author and professional psychic, Jules Kennedy offers you these preparatory tips.

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