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Psychic Love Predictions

by Key2StarsMysteries
(San Francisco, California)

Psychic Love Predictions

Psychic Love Predictions

The psychic and clairvoyant world was always fascinating to me. After exploring astrology for a while, I went on to explore clairvoyance, card readings and other similar things. One thing leads to another, you never get bored. Spirit guides you to what is the next best thing to explore. I kept getting suggestions from nowhere out of the blue on what my next step would be learning and healing myself. I would get recommendation on books to read to further myself, stones to use to heal myself, etc.

One such experiment actually started out of fun. I was talking to
a clairvoyant friend and told her how fun it would be to know what
the next boy-friend or girl-friend would be like. Exploring the different faces of clairvoyant readings is always fun. I decided to play with it and told her she would be the guinea pig and that I had never done such a prediction/reading before. The reading would address predicting the physical features and profession of the next girl-friend and boy-friend you will meet.

With this girl-friend, I gave her the description and features of the guy she would meet. Then in order to add spice to the reading, I also predicted how she would meet him. So, one Friday she was debating whether or not she should go out. I asked her to go and she did and guess what? She met the guy I had predicted. The physical features also matched. We further explored how her date would go and so on.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to do it for another girl-friend of mine. It ended up the same way. I told her some things about the guy's profession and how she would meet him, etc.

This went on for some people who were strangers and just readees. Some of them got back to me in a week or less. One of them met the person with physical description, profession, etc. The other gal actually knew the person in question from his description and profession.

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