Psychic or Normal

by Psychic Diamond

A lot of people come to me to ask if they can become "psychic" or if there is a difference between a so-called psychic person and a so-called "normal person".

I think its important for the layperson to stay informed about what it really is to be "a psychic" for, according to my understanding, it amounts to not only gifts, it amounts to practice and responsibility.

Let me begin.

For instance, I have not even read any of these articles of people's early psychic experiences. I am almost certain of what they will contain. Uncontrolled visions. Visions of things we don't understand; perhaps of the future or what not. So, what do we do with that? How about intuition? That is at least better, we can work with that, we can learn to trust that. Intuition is part of being psychic too, but we have to work with it. I was, for instance, HIGHLY intuitive as a kid (as are most kids). I knew from large distances who was "naughty" and who was "ok" and who meant harm to me or what, even when I wasn’t sure how to verbally describe it.

Sometimes these intuitions expressed themselves in the form of light. And at times I would sit in my room and meditate (as a child) and I would begin to divine the various astral planes (and I know I was not the only kid to do this) I would leave my body and also invoke light, communicate with energies, etc. I thought that others did this also. I later understood that they did not. "I WAS DIFFERENT", sound familiar?

So OK what do we do with all these experiences? Being human animals, we want power, we don’t want to be spiritual, right? hahahaa. psychic power is a STEP in spirituality folks. Not vice-versa. We have to remember that.

What we want to do is forget our "cool experiences" of being psychic. Trust me. And develop yourself spiritually. Only when you do that, will you even START to understand your gifts.....then you can have them back....maybe then you won't do something STUPID with them... :)

OK, yes I am going to tell you how, of course...

1st: Meditate.

2nd: Be proximal to another person who is powerfully psychic (i.e. Hang around powerful psychics)

3rd: Find a teacher

4th: Go to nature and hang out

5th: Stop lying, cheating and stealing (at least start by not lying to yourself)

6th: Know yourself (probably keep a journal)

OK - I have to get back to work now. I am known as "California Psychic Diamond" in the media. Light and love be with you.

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Jan 29, 2013
really cool
by: Anonymous


Feb 07, 2010
by: lorena

I myself am a kid(13) and I want to know if your zodiac sign can determine if you are psychic.

I am an Aquarius, planet Uranus and on my zodiac sign it says that I am highly intuitive.

I do guess a lot on things that I don't have a clue about.

This one time one of my teachers asked me to guess her birthday to win a prize.

I was the 1st one to raise my hand and I said 1985. I had absolutely no idea how I knew that, it just came into my head.

Usually my 1st guess is right but I tend to second guess myself so I guess but I sometimes forget my 1st guess so I keep guessing but its wrong and then I regret not going with my 1st one.

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