Real Ghost Stories With
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So many of you have posted your real ghost stories that I have now created a special section of the site exclusively to help our would-be international ghost hunters.

Down the page you will find plenty of genuine reports from others like you. People, young and old, who have an eerie tale to share on something ghostly. Come this way to read them now.

Stay here though if you have your own otherworldly experience to share. Perhaps you have managed to snap some real ghost pictures that you can upload and share with us. Maybe you are a ghost hunting expert and maybe you can write about good devises, software, gear or equipment that you recommend and/or sell. 

How about “terrifying tours”, are you a psychic tour guide in your own locale? What got you into that, and who has turned up as an apparition? Have disembodied spirits joined your group? 

You may have had a humorous phantom encounter that, while being true, can also be shared as a ghost joke? 

Do you live in a haunted house? Who else has seen the afterlife jaunts around your abode?

Real Ghost Stories

Personally, although I’ve been a professional psychic for many years, I don’t have many of my own ghost encounters to report.

  • As a child there was often a dark shadowy shape peeking around my bedroom door. Nothing too spooky but it used to scare the pants off me. 
  • Most recently I was visited by a dear friend who had died sometime before. In the night of this occasion I had slipped into an Out Of Body Experience (OBE) and had walked into the main room of my apartment. I was totally conscious and remember doing the lucidity test of switching on the lights. (The light switches never work in a lucid dream or OBE, but you know you are aware of the situation) Bruce appeared very clearly from shoulder to head, appearing slightly above me so I needed to look up. He looked to be about 30 years younger than when I knew him, but it was so very clearly him. There was enough time for him to say a few words and then I zapped back into my body in bed.

Featured Real Ghost Stories

Ghosts and Spirit Entities - Are They Real? Good? Bad?

Ghosts and Spirit Entities - Are They Real? Good? Bad?
The best argument in favor of the existence of ghostly entities can be found in the fact that almost all traditional societies believed in their existence and developed methods for dealing with them. Learn more > >

True Ghost Stories

Psychic Aleta Mason has lots of true ghost stories to share with you. Experiences with ghosts and spirits runs in her family of clairvoyants and mediums. If you ever feel in danger, you may invoke Archangel Michael and others such as St Benedictine for protection. Read more > >

How To Get Real Photographs Of Ghosts

How To Get Real Photographs Of Ghosts
Start by learning how to truly see ghosts. Here are some tips from a Ghost Hunting Psychic Medium to get you taking real photographs of ghosts in a flash. Read more > >

Ghost and Haunted House Clearing

Ghost and Haunted House Clearing Tips.
Do you or your pets see, hear or feel a presence in the house? It may or may not be "evil" but if you or your pets are scared, sick, depressed or irritable, it is quite possible that it's a not-so-friendly ghost or entity. 
Read more > >

The Ghost Hunt Story From The Peterborough Museum

The Ghost Hunt Story From The Peterborough Museum
What follows is an account by Psychic Medium Sue Treanor of a real ghost hunt through Peterborough Museum (UK) 12th May 2007. Read more > >

Insights Into The Afterlife Reveal Spirit World Alive And Well

Insights Into The Afterlife Reveal Spirit World Alive And Well
Death is an illusion that some choose to give power by believing that once we die there is no more; however, this ghost whisperer’s insights into the afterlife reveal the truth is that death is merely the transition from one world or dimension into another. Read more > >

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Some Ideas for articles about your own Real Ghost Stories 

  • What are some real life ghost stories?
  • What is the best true ghost story you have heard from your friends?
  • What are the scariest ghost stories?
  • What are some real ghost stories that you have experienced firsthand?
  • What is an interesting ghost story you want to tell?

Published Ghost Stories

Read, rate, and comment on the published stories below.

Homeless Ghost 
Over the years I have experienced MANY paranormal things, some good and comforting and some not so, and having read and watched so many things regarding …

Ghostly Baby Monitor 
We have a baby monitor for our ten month old daughter. When it’s on we hear someone talking to my daughter. In 2012, when I was pregnant, my boyfriend …

Ghost Of Love Passed  
Two years ago I lost my first love and father to my twin boys. He died of a drug overdose aged just 26. I hadn't been with him though since I was 19 and …

My Paranormal Events 
When I was just a baby my parents had told me that I looked at empty spaces laughing and giggling and pointing at nothing at all. When my great grandfather …

I Have Experienced Ghosts 
For the last five years I have experienced "ghosts." I don’t really know when this started, but ever since I can remember, I felt like I was being watched. …

Ghostly Grandmother 
I was staying at my friend’s house for the weekend and one night when I was sleeping I dreamt of myself walking down into his basement where the guest …

Seeing Spirits 
Since I was 2 I have been able to see spirits. My cousin and I were the same age (2) when she was murdered and her spirit was the first I ever saw, so …

Seen A Ghost 
Two weeks ago, I went out to my garage to take the dog out for a walk. When I was done, I went back to put the dog back into the garage and my husband …

Dogs and Ghosts 
One day I was walking my dog. My dog started barking, but at what? Nothing was there. Not even a sound. So I was getting a weird and unusual feeling. Was …

A Vision and a Ghost 
Well, I don't have a clue if I'm psychic, but so far lots of things I've said have come true... I remember when I was little telling my mum we were going …

Little Girl Ghost 
Little Girl Ghost Well from when I was young I was able to see a little girl’s ghost at the bottom of my bed. All she does is sit there and when I try …

Haunting of a Medium 
It seems like a lifetime ago that our family endured an extreme haunting. It was after the death of my sister and a move next door to a neighbor that brought …

Ghost Seeing Experiences Not rated yet
I think my first ‘ghost seeing’ experience was when I was 5 years old; I could see this man that only I can see! But now I believe he was the spirit of …

Emily's House Ghost Not rated yet
On the 3rd of September 2009 I went round my friend Emily's house for a girly dinner get together. Emily asked if i could do some mediumship work after …

Investigated by Louisville Paranormal Not rated yet
I can feel things or sense spirits, as well as my intuition is normally at 95 to 100% dead on! What would you call my gift. Here's how it all started. …

Following Ghosts Not rated yet
My name is Amber, I am 16 years old and I have my best friend Kelsey who is like my sister. This is our experience of a ghost named Alec. On November 13th …

Trafficking Ghosts Not rated yet
Not a day goes by that I am not "bugged" by the paranormal. As a medium they are always around me. No matter how much I ground myself it seems I am never …

A Ghost, a Portal, and a Moonstone Not rated yet
It’s Rusty once more, and I feel like I should tell you how I first was introduced to psychics and magic. I was at the friends of mine, from my chased …

Little Child Moments Not rated yet
I was little when I‘d listen to a tape about dinosaurs and in every song, somebody would whisper "dinosaur." but it wasn’t in the lyrics or anything. …

Short Ghost Stories Not rated yet
All my life I have seen spirits of the afterlife. Everywhere I've lived I've always seen a "Ghost" or heard something. I always thought that maybe I'm …

The child named Drew, and the man in the hall. Not rated yet
I'm going to tell you about the spirit of a boy that stays in my room... all the information I've obtained though is that he is 12 and his name is drew. …