The Flamingly Real Life Poltergeist Activity That We Extinguished

My true ghost story entails the real life poltergeist activity from the ghost of a burning man. I was called in a panic by my daughters best friend to visit her and her big sister's house haunting. 

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The interesting and humorous part for me was my daughter’s friends big sister (who owned the house) used to poohoo my work as a psychic medium, saying she did not believe in such things as spirit, the afterlife, ghosts and poltergeists. Boy was she in for a treat – this one was on fire!

She had returned home and tried to enter her kitchen but could not get into her kitchen. Her large fridge-freezer had been placed across the door. But moved by who or what? When she finally got into her kitchen the windows were shut and there was no other entry or exit other than the door she entered the kitchen through. Around the same time her little four year old girl had been waking up at night with nightmares.

A Ghost Story Features Real Life Poltergeist Activity

Discovering The Real Life Poltergeist Activity

"Help we have some real life poltergeist activity" Well, she was asking me to help, so myself and my friend (who is used to do house blessings) went to see what we could do for her.

We were a little apprehensive  and wondered if this was real life poltergeist activity, but we were fully heartened by our faith in our spiritual protections. First we went to the little girl’s room armed with white candles and a prayer as most of this spooky activity took place there. (the little girl’s sudden nightmares and even with the central heating full on the room was still freezing - a noticeable temperature drop).

We tuned in and I saw a young man backing out of the room, I said he has left this room and gone downstairs. The next minute my own daughter flew up the stairs with an ashen face, "it’s lifting the dining table up in the air" she screamed!, scared half out of her wits. The friend's older brother who was sitting with her downstairs was so shocked he had bolted from the house.

Anyway my friend and I went downstairs and continued calmly to bless and pray in every room of the home, asking the young man to go to the light as he should not be there. My friend also picked up a house fire around this young man, which was interesting because afterward the older sister said her little girl had awoken saying "mummy there is a man on fire in my room" night after night.

The poor young man had died in the fire and had lost his way. The good news is the blessing worked, and the room temperature returned to normal and the little girl’s nightmares ceased!

Many of us witnessed this real life poltergeist activity. You will always find truth is stranger than fiction!

Guest post by an Anonymous Writer

Anonymous Writer

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