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Sad Jesus Dream

by Penelope Ghias

One night I had this dream I went up this high hill. As I climbed it there was a storm but no rain. When I got to the top, to my surprise, I saw Jesus on the cross with his crown of thorns and his small bottom garment. He was nailed to the cross and he had blood on his hair and his head and where the nails were put in him.

Then he turned to me with his head rested on his left hand shoulder. It was so sad and as I looked at him I began to cry. His eyes were open and he just stared at me with a sad face.

Then I woke up! Do you know the meaning of this?

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Jun 14, 2017
Sad Jesus Dream
by: Penelope Ghias

Thank you wisesagicap for your reply I've only just found it.


Dec 27, 2010
Life is an uphill journey......

Have you been going through a time of sorrow? The caution is to be gentle with yourself. Don't be too surprised if you DID meet Him in your sleep.

The hill answers to the long journey of life itself, it is always up hill (and sometimes down like a rollercoaster).

Paths that are more difficult to climb are well worth the effort as Jesus can attest to. Remember, Jesus is the son of God, just as we are all sons and daughters of God. While the cross of life can sometimes be difficult bear, the rewards are great when it is your turn to go Home.

Hard work isn't always easy and comes with its share of tears, but the fact that Jesus was there is a kindly reminder that while burdens might be heavy hearted, the rewards are great. You are on the right path.

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