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Seeing Spirits


Since I was 2 I have been able to see spirits. My cousin and I were the same age (2) when she was murdered and her spirit was the first I ever saw, so my dad told me. But since I have gotten older I see demons. It seemed like every time that I was at home by myself or just when it was dark in my house and everyone was in their own room, I would hear people talking. I was like a talk that you could hear but you couldn’t understand what they were saying.

For instance, we have a picture in our kitchen over the sink that if you look into it you can see your reflection. One day I was at my house by myself in the kitchen washing my hair. When I looked up into the picture I saw a dark figure standing behind me. I closed my eyes and opened them and it was gone, so I figured I was jus seeing things, I continued washing my hair and when I got the towel to dry my hair I saw a dark figure pass into the kitchen and out again.

Well this happened a lot, especially in the kitchen, but the scariest was when I went into the living room one night and sat on the couch because I couldn’t sleep. I was in the dark but the kitchen light was on so I could see into the kitchen through the TV. I looked into the TV and I saw a dark figure staring back at me with the cruellest look ever, like he or it was full of hate. I looked away but when I looked back it was still looking at me with dead eyes. I stayed in the living room so that I could work on my fear of seeing things. Unfortunately I am still afraid at times but I am learning to be more brave.

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Jul 16, 2010
the begging
by: Anonymous

I too see stuff that are transparent I'm 11 when I started seeing them I was turing 11 and my memaw died I never see her please help me you can email me at twlight567 @ every word in the email is right help before it gets worse.

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