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Seen A Ghost

by Charitie

Two weeks ago, I went out to my garage to take the dog out for a walk. When I was done, I went back to put the dog back into the garage and my husband opened up the over head door to check out the snow blower and as he opened the door, a man walked in quickly, he was transparent.

He was wearing a Carhartt jacket, blue jeans and he stopped and spooked the heck out of us. He said as he pointed to me, "I know you can see ghosts because you looked right at me when I came in". He said, "I need you to help me out", and then his voice started fading as he started fading on me, and he spoke once again saying "they keep moving my body on me, help me find it, so I can go home".

Then he started hollering at my husband while he was right beside him, still fading and then I couldn't see him anymore and he slammed into my husbands tool cart, and started banging the tools around, and said, "quit fighting with her or else", and then it was quiet.

I then seen a blur moving out of the garage from where it came from, like he was walking out, my husband looked at me with big eyes and I said, "I'll be in the house if you need me Steve, you guys can fight it out".

Then Steve realized I seen and heard him too, and knew he wasn't just seeing or hearing things, and took off right behind me to the house.

We took 5 and then went back out, everything had gone back to normal.

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Jul 18, 2009
What could it be?
by: Deona

As I got into bed and turned onto my right side, felt like a hand touching my shoulder and letting go and at a friends house 1 night before that some1 or something tapping me with their fingers on my right shoulder, knowing there is nobody else there.

Jan 21, 2009
It would freak me out
by: Raphnix

If I was in your situation, I would be like running out in my own house. It's scary but I think if you're used to it, there could some difference. Nice blog anyway, hope you'll visit mine too at

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