Sun In Cancer

by AstroKid
(Sedona - USA)

The Sun Shines On Cancer

The Sun Shines On Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign and is ruled by the Moon, hence, the Sun in Cancer is a mixture of the Sun, Moon and fourth House influences.

In the natural horoscope (where Aries is on the Ascendant) Cancer is at the nadir, and with the Sun here, vitality is at its lowest ebb; therefore with this position one is apt to be indolent even when not sickly at all.

Being harmless and avoiding quarrels you are found to be harmonious and agreeable as long as you are not asked to work too hard.

This position of the Sun makes the first part of your life barren of fruit but your success will come in your later years.

Cancer is a psychic sign and therefore the Sun in Cancer gives a tendency toward the occult, often with psychic experiences.

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