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Super Successful Pisces

by Marcus Brown
(San Diego, CA)

Pisces can be and are Super Successful

Pisces can be and are Super Successful

I find these factoids strangely familiar to my life in so many ways. Lack of will power, loves blue green (aqua), I have big blue eyes, short and stout in great shape, addictive personality, etc.. But that's a part of what really makes us the best sign of all. Amazingly insightful, creative, sensitive, intelligent, SUPER passionate given the right circumstances, innovators, and yes, completely bored with life's mundane duties that WE DO NOT OWN, and we know we do not own anything - we know everything is on a temporary, borrowed basis.

Astrology is a fun source of entertainment if you read about your day, week, month, year after the fact. Then you can see, in an unbiased way, how accurate the predictions were. I personally know, that nothing is sealed with fate which cannot be altered or changed or modified.

I believe that we are the architects of our daily destiny, the creators of our own world, and I believe that we get what we want or don't want based upon how we feel in any given moment in time. Yes, Law of Attraction / Quantum Physics, "like attracts like". How you feel is what you get. Be careful, and enthusiastic about how you feel and monitor your feelings closely, always, like counting calories - but much more important. Live well, love well, and make lots of money (the ultimate tool for spiritual expression!) We can be and are super successful Pisces


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nice read
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