Tarot Teachings

by Rae Louise
(United Kingdom)

Tarot Teachings, Guidance and Empowerment

Hello, I'm Rae and the tarot has fast become my best friend. I grew up learning about spirituality and had my first psychic palm reading when I was just eleven. I couldn't believe how much information was contained in those tiny lines! When the reader told me that I too was a 'sensitive', I was relieved to know that the presences I felt around me weren't just figments of my imagination.

I'd always been very withdrawn as a child and found it difficult to be around large groups of people, which over time I learned was because I picked up on vibrations from their energy - their thoughts and their feelings - and even now it can become overwhelming at times. Of course, that's not to say I'm a mind reader!

Everyone has an aura, an energetic field around them, but some are more attuned to it than others. If it's strong enough then I can often understand someone before they've even spoken. This is the same when connecting to the spirit realm as it's a different dimension to here on earth; it takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest so psychics meet them at a halfway point, so to speak. This isn't limited to the 'gifted' - we all have these abilities but the key is knowing how to tap into them, and the tarot is one of many tools that allows you to do this.

Throughout my life I've caught glimpses of things: shadows, ethereal figures and orbs (little sparkles or flashes of light that indicate a spirit's energy). While I do connect with Spirit during readings, I don't consider myself as being clairvoyant because I don't physically see or hear them, so if you're seeking messages from your spirit guides or loved ones that have passed over then you'd be better suited to someone who practices mediumship. This is someone who uses their body and mind to channel messages from the other side, whereas I use the tarot.

So what can a tarot reading offer you? The cards have vast and mixed meanings, and for me the imagery acts as a sort of trigger: so a shape, a colour, a symbol or even a figure will induce a thought or feeling within me. When put together, the cards form a story that grants me an insight into a person's life; what they've overcome in the past, what they're facing now and, yes, what could crop up in the future depending on which path they choose to take.

Whenever someone goes for a reading they immediately want to know their fortune, and I'm no different! People have made predictions for me in the past - some came true, some were complete rubbish; some took years to manifest and others I'm still waiting on! This is the main drawback of psychic readings: false hope. The truth is that there is no future because it hasn't happened yet.

Everyday we make choices and decisions, encounter new people and say and do things that will have consequences at some point in the future. I believe we all have a destination to reach that could be considered as fate, but the road to it is a long and unpredictable one - that's life, after all! There isn't a single person in the world who can say they've never made a bad decision, and with so many factors influencing our lives, in order to make a prediction set in stone then things would have to be a lot less complicated. That being said, you don't have to have amazing psychic powers to read the tarot. Anyone can teach themselves the basics and use it to improve their intuition and the connection to their Higher Self. This creates an internal harmony that will help you to make better decisions in everyday life.

Overall, the tarot taps into your potential - what you're capable of doing and how to go about utilising your skills and knowledge to get what you want out of life. So let's say you're having difficulties in a relationship or were turned down for that job you wanted, a good question to ask would be: 'What changes can I (and my partner) make in order to improve the situation?' The outcome is based on what could happen IF you were to put in the effort and follow the card's advice. Just because you're shown a happy ending doesn't mean you can sit back and wait for things to sort themselves out. It's likely that nothing will happen and you'll be left cursing whoever did the reading, when in fact you've inflicted this upon yourself.

This is merely an example and not all cards are of a positive nature - one thing I can guarantee is that I'll never sugarcoat things, and I certainly won't lie to anyone! What matters is your actions in the present and the tarot is best used for empowerment - you can alter the course of your future if you're aware of any forthcoming obstacles.

If you're not achieving your goals then there's a reason for it, and my job is to help you accept this and move on in a positive way.

If you want a better idea of how I work and what to expect if you were to schedule a private reading then check out my blog at: (blog taken down)

Here you'll find monthly tarotscopes for all astrological signs and much more. I also offer free personal and taster readings via regular competitions, so it's worth keeping an eye on my twitter page as well! I spread the 'tarot love' whenever and wherever I can because everyone should have the opportunity to take control of their lives!

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Apr 07, 2016
Update Contact Details
by: Ian

I see your blog page arotreadingswithrae.blogspot.co.uk is down. Do you have updates for your contact details?

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