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The child named Drew, and the man in the hall.

by T.J. mcFAdden
(WV, United States)

I'm going to tell you about the spirit of a boy that stays in my room... all the information I've obtained though is that he is 12 and his name is drew. I think that the last name is Black or something like that. I've been seeing him since I noticed the dead which was when I was 5 years old. Drew isn't all that active though.

As for the man in the hall that is a different story. I was about 10 or 11 when this happened. I was headed to my room to go to sleep when I heard a new voice in my room (the man in the hall). This voice called out my name, which isn't that uncommon. Well I just ignored it and then my dog jumped up on my bed to go to sleep with me. Well I heard the voice again and ignored it just like last time. Then I heard the voice scream the word "Git", but it was like "git off my bed", or "git out of here"... then the real horror started.

I heard my dog yelp in pain and she went flying off the bed and hit the floor. Then she started barking at the curtains in front of my closet and she wasn't touching them but they were moving like mad. I then heard a distinct hissing noise and I headed for the light switch to turn the lights on. All 4 of my light bulbs went out at the exact same time, and I heard a laugh. I still see the man in the hall today but he isn't as strong as he first was... he still scares me like no tomorrow.

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