The Wisdom of the Tarot

by Patty MacDonald
(Vermont, USA)

I have been a professional Tarot reader since 2000 and a professional Astrologer since 1997.

I believe that it doesn't matter which tool(s) a reader uses, since the information/answers/insights are coming from Spirit or whatever one chooses to call the divine, i.e. God/dess, The Universe,etc.

Everything, including psychic readings, of course, is based on energy. We are all energy/spirit beings and are all connected to Spirit and to one another.

So when cards are drawn for a spread they are exactly the cards the querent needs to receive the insight they require at that time. The appropriate cards are selected on a spiritual level by the energy of the querent, his/her spirit guides and by the Universe. So the cards are really a conduit for Spirit to convey messages to the querent, and the reader is the "interpreter" of the story told by the cards. I know that sometimes a particular card can have different meanings for different clients in different readings, and I know intuitively when this is so. The cards are never wrong since their source is Spirit, but sometimes the way a reader interprets them can be incorrect or incomplete. I also think it is important to ask "open ended" questions instead of "yes or no" questions, since the former invites much more helpful information. Example: Rather than asking "When will I find a healthy relationship?" ask "What do I need to know about myself to help me in attracting a healthy relationship?"

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