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Trafficking Ghosts

by Kate Settels
(Tustin, CA)

My Angel

My Angel

Not a day goes by that I am not "bugged" by the paranormal. As a medium they are always around me. No matter how much I ground myself it seems I am never alone.

I have felt the human experience of loneliness - not feeling connected to others, because of this very gift. It can leave one feeling alone and isolated because you are different. But I felt I always had my friends (and some not so friendly)on the other side. Every home that I have lived in has been haunted in one way or another.

Since the age of two I have had paranormal experiences and until I became a teenager and started talking about it a little I thought everyone did. Boy was I wrong.

But there are boundaries and lines when dealing with the dead. I am after all "alive" on the physical plane. So the last ten years I have spent drawing those lines, doing research as to how to coexist with these beings. All sorts of beings - ghosts, elementals and even demons.

The demons have been the hardest hurdle and the biggest challenge as a medium to deal with. I'll never completely understand their nature even though they are part of our world and we are part of theirs. Healthy distance is where I like to place myself in relation to "them".

It's funny, when my home is somewhat clear and they aren't around as much I feel as though something is wrong......... I wouldn't say that I miss them but they have become my familiar strangers.

Kate Settels is a psychic-medium, artist and writer who lives in Tustin, Ca.

Westside Paranormal Society (714)731-3249

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