University Auras

by Baljit
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

When I was a university Student, I would constantly see auras of people. This would just naturally continue at all and any time of day. If I were sitting at my desk at home, and reading a textbook on politics, I would repeatedly have to look away from my book and stare into my room. A trio of colors would be whirling around very quickly, (like the colors of the rainbow), and as they were whipping around together very quickly, I would have a thought appear in my mind of a person’s name. As soon as the name came to me, the colors would arrange themselves in order from top to bottom and slow down and float around the outside figure of a human being.

The way that the colors rested around the figure would instantly tell me what this person was like, ex. Good, bad, to stay near them or avoid them, etc. this would constantly happen, no matter where I was.

It was very draining and distracting me from my concentration on my studies, so eventually I had to visualize a red stop sign to control this. Each time the auras tried to come to me, I quickly mentally visualized the stop sign, so I could fully focus on my needs, which were studying at the University of Toronto, and working towards my honors Bachelors Degree in political science.

Eventually, after a lot of concentration on the stop sign, the auras stopped interrupting me. I have always had psychic abilities, or what I consider excellent intuition. I am also very intelligent and creative (artistically gifted), I believe those traits all go hand in hand. I am also very sensitive or emotional, and cannot bear to see injustice, or cruelty. I believe these traits are related to a highly intuitive person.

My second son is also an intellectual genius with an IQ of 160 - 179. He is also very sensitive and also displays psychic abilities. For example, he knows who is going to call before we answer the phone, or he has connected thoughts like myself, giving him information about another's thoughts before they speak. I believe my son and I share a very strong mental, spiritual bond in a different form than my other 3 children.

My youngest daughter is also exhibiting the same intellectual genius and very sensitive soul as my son and I. It is all just natural, connected and I believe just a deep sense of intuition. We all have it, but all of us are not as spiritually connected to ourselves yet.

I can also, if in the mood, look into a person’s eyes and feel their energy. I love to help people, especially those who really need the help and guidance. I can read people very well and speak their language (like dipping my feet in water and sitting in the pool with them, metaphorically speaking). Then, once I’m in that connection, I can help them, using their own energy and giving them what they need. The information or guidance I mean. This happens randomly. I really believe I need to do this at times. To make sure they are ok and become happier.

I had once warned someone (supposedly a very close friend) to keep away from her love interest, as soon as I was in the room with him for the first time; I felt an extremely negative, bad aura from him. She chose to become angry with me for telling her this truth, and we stopped being friends. Several years later, after he destroyed her life, she confided in our mutual friend that she should have listened to me and regrets not believing me.

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