Upgrade Your Love Readings

by Aleta Mason
(Albuquerque NM)

Relationship Breakthroughs

Relationship Breakthroughs

Relationship Breakthroughs Psychic Aleta

Here are my tips for enhancing your love and relationship reading.

First, choose a psychic who has experience in this area. Have they given many readings for people with various relationship issues? Ask this before you order your reading.

Think about what it is that you REALLY want to know. Think about your choices regarding your questions. Would it really help you to know if he has cheated or would it just hurt you? Have you considered asking instead, something like "Is this relationship good for me now and in the long-term?"

Another choice would be - do you want to spend the majority of your time and money (during your reading) asking about what he thinks and feels and whether he will call or come back to you, or do you think it might be more helpful to focus on yourself? Example "what does he feel toward me?" versus "what do I need to understand in order to be treated with love and respect in relationships?"

I notice many people, when they have been left and are grieving, tend to put all the focus on the other person. Think also about yourself. What do YOU feel? What do YOU want?

Remember that you can't change anyone else's beliefs, values or behavior, but you CAN understand yourself better and you can learn and grow and make better choices and have better relationships in the future, starting now.


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