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Freakish Tarot Reading

by Amanda

I've never wrote on one of these sites before as I fear I won't be heard.. But last spring I was at my cousin’s apartment, she invited me over as her friend was coming to do tarot readings. I have never had my cards read and from all my experiences since 2 I have (what I feel a curse also extremely scary!) that spirits would taunt and scare me wherever I went.

Anyways so on this night I was with a friend and my cousin called and asked to come over to join in the tarot reading. She also asked me if I could message her friend and let her know she was home. Well I message her friend who was in the parking lot (she later told me that just before I messaged her she got this strange feeling). So since I've been well awake or paranormal, empathetic to the MAX!, and unexplained or unable to control any psychic experiences. I had to ask my friend (who is in no way into spiritual, supernatural, psychic or unexplainable) to come with me and assured her she would be comfortable there even though she didn't know my cousin or her friend, I also didn't know my cousins friend but was all game to get a tarot reading. So me and my friend Kelsey walked to my cousins and met her friend and cheated a bit before starting the readings (sorry this is long). So while we're chatting to Meaghan (tarot reader) she tells me and my friend that just before I knocked on the door she had this strange feeling and that when I messaged her she had the same feeling. She then asks me and my friend Kelsey what are zodiac signs were. I'm a Scorpio and my friend Kelsey is a Taurus, she tells us how were polar opposites and when one is weak the other is strong and vice versa (pretty neat info I thought not knowing what it truly meant yet. Anyways she starts doing a reading on my cousin Jenna. While she is getting her reading I'm extremely focused and intrigued by this as I've never really seen it done let alone have it done. Anyways I thought it was so interesting I had a this strong feeling pop in my mind this should be recorded for some reason. So my cousin gets done her reading and it was my turn next. But Kelsey decided she wanted to go next (mind you before this she didn't even want to get a reading before this. So Meaghan shuffles the deck and Kelsey cuts it. Now I don't know why but she got her to cut the deck a second time... Meaghan lays all the cards out one by one and they were all reversed... (Don't think that was a good sign) So she starts reading the card layout. Again Meagan did not know my friend from a hole in the wall and she is hitting home (especially emotionally) which my friend in regards to her relationship she was struggling in with her boyfriend. Again I'm super focused and asking her more info about the card meanings and watching everything when she is pointing to each card and reading them while consistently looking at my friend who is crying and very emotional and how this reading was impacting her.

In the middle of the reading Meaghan then starts to say she is getting a really weird feeling, not kidding while she is saying this I'm getting this weird and strange energy and chills flow up my body before she even finishes her sentence. So she continues with the reading and was reading the Pandora's box card, last thing I remember because she stressed about this particular card. (Later she told me that the last card she read before this strange event was the chariot card. So anyways as I look over to my friend she all of the sudden looks up to the corner of the living room by the sliding doors and with this sheer fear and look of terror in her face she gasps and kind of what it looked like tried to move back from whatever she just seen (I looked as to what she seen but did not she whatever horrible and scary thing she just seen. Now bear with me this is when I feel like I'm telling people a scene from a horror movie but that's what it was.. All of the sudden Kelsey violently jerked her body back and forth twice on the couch and then went into what seemed and looked like a seizure... Her body contorted and she arched her back backwards and neck as far back as it could go one arm pinned strangely behind her back making strange sounds and no control of her muscles and seizured. I immediately got up and started pacing back and forth crying as I knew this wasn't just any seizure and I KNEW IT and was terrified and was crying.

So my cousin is freaking out trying to help my friend and saying call 911. I told her this isn't any normal seizure and that 911 isn't gunna help... Kelsey was being very violent in this seizure towards my cousin and Jenna tells me to talk to Kelsey as I'm her friend... I'm on the floor trying to talk her out of it. And get her back to reality and she all the sudden half sits up and gasps a big breath and back into the seizure. She then tries the get up and like she was extremely intoxicated (100% sober) she flops over and then on her back she slowly but fast as well scurries backwards to the kitchen.

OKAY so I go over to her (crying uncontrollably and shaking) and start talking to her and saying her name... THIS WASN’T KELSEY... So at this point I'm kneeling down holding each of her hands with mine and she had a really tight grip but what was weird was that with her thumbs she was softly rubbing the tops of my hands. Whatever entered her was there for me and it was like I knew it as soon as she looked in that corner. (Why I was crying and scared). Now I couldn't make out everything that she/ entity I'm assuming was not a good soul and feeling scared to death... Starts saying " Fix it. Fit it.... Don't leave...... Stay.... And bits and pieces of sentences but I could feel whatever it was had possessed her as she wouldn't say these this AT ALL.... Kelsey was very violent while she was talking and was looking right through me... Her face had this odd black shadowy look to it and her teeth looked to be sharp... Really I'm not trying to exaggerate here. I remember her saying 4-4-4 and then with her one hand she then started touching and pointing at my puzzle tattoo on my hand (me and my gf got matching ones. Might I add we were not on good terms at this time.) She was trying to say something but I couldn't make it out and was trying to hear what it wanted to tell me but Kelsey was coming back and snapping out of it, as Meaghan was sageing her, I'm still crying bad and shaking. It was the unbelievable what I experienced and my friend has no recollection of this AT ALL! And got freaked out as we were all crowded around her and me tears streaming down my face crying.

Kelsey has never had a seizure before and does not like talking about this night... She also while she was coming around looked like she had a mild stroke as her one side of her face was dropping and her eyes were bugged right out and disoriented... I just can't get this out of my head and not understanding what and why, you know... I search all the time to see if there's anybody else who experienced this and cannot find anything.

I feel it was a sign or warning or something so powerful to possess my friend and make such an impact... I've always felt I'm never really alone and I have this strange electronic energy or something that makes anything electronic turn on off flicker and break... I cannot get overly emotional or strange things happen and a month ago I got really emotional and my cousin had to calm me down as there was this man behind me starring in through the picture window... I composed myself because I could feel the energy surging through me... I have so many stories but this one I can't even compare or relate with anyone.... I don't know if you or anybody can relate/ give me advice or an answer to this but it's worth a shot...

I also never met my biological father and he died drinking and driving when I was 6 I'm now 27 and I have suppressed all this unusual experiences and try to not think of them but lately I cannot control it as it decides not me...

All this unusual experiences stem from I'm assuming when I was 2 and lived in a haunted house and spoke to them. We moved and from then till I turned 12 I had night terrors almost every night and one time I actually seen myself having a night terror screaming for my mom crying hysterically and stiffening my legs and curling my toes as I was over myself watching my mom hold me and try to snap me out of it...

Sorry for the rant I still could keep writing. I hope you read this and anyone else who can help me with what I'm going through!!

Thanks for reading and hope to get at least one response!


I'd love some advice guidance and maybe one person who had a similar experience!
P.s. I don't know if this means anything but Meghan is a Libra and my cousin Jenna is a Pisces. I don’t know I just feel like that night it was a perfect storm for the scariest thing I have seen YET!

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