How I Got Into Tarot

by Jenny S. S. Cameron
(United Kingdom)

This is how I got into Tarot

This is how I got into Tarot

It started out 6 years ago when I studied Tarot at home. I had bought lots of books, different tarot card decks, and more books on what the tarot cards meant. I discovered that different kinds of spreads would aid different kinds of readings and questions.

So that all started as a hobby, and then about two years ago I started doing readings for people I did not know. I began by going to leisure fairs and vents and raised money for charities. So it was a win-win, I would sit there on a Saturday or Sunday on some weekends and test my knowledge while practicing and building my psychic confidence and at the same time I raised money for charity.

During these sessions I found, that of all my different kind of spreads that I can lay out in readings, my strengths were strongest in the calendar spread, which is doing a month by month reading for a full year’s view for my clients.

It was quite shocking yet very heartwarming for me when these clients returned to tell me of all the points and events I had predicted and written out for them as a record of my reading had indeed materialized in just the ways I had seen. This is where I thought I shall focus my kind of specialty on.

Then I approached some local magazines and offered to write a monthly astrology forecast on love and finance for each star sign and this provided a way to freely advertise my business contact number.

Then I had several phone calls to say that my readings had been exact to those callers too. Then I had responses from other publications interested to collaborate and use my work on their monthly magazines too.

The thing is, some readers use their psychic abilities to tune in and then they interpret what the cards may be trying to say. But you also have the Tarot Reader who studied what the cards mean individually, in pairs, opposites and in combinations, and that is what I am. I am a tarot reader, who’s used several books and then practiced with this research to reach an accurate and repetitious validation of the tarot in its meaning and performance.

Mind you I am still constantly learning by looking at other tarot reader’s blogs and chats to what they’ve discovered and analyzed and I always keep an open mind. But yeah I am psychic but only in one ability out of the 3. And that is Clairsentient, which means I use my senses and feelings and emotions to tune in. The other two are Clairvoyant = Sees Visions and Clairaudient = Hears spirits. To have all three you’re like a Medium!

But one thing I have learnt about Tarot is this: Everyone has freewill, so the cards don’t mean this will DEFINATLEY happen. If a prediction turns out exactly as it was laid out then you didn’t really use your freewill to change the course of what was already set out for you.

My advice is: if you don’t like what you see about your future this is your chance to use your freewill and change things. But the second thing I’ve learnt about Tarot is this: The Future always changes when you’ve had a glimpse of what you know will happen, so I could predict that you will break up with your lover, but then somewhere along the line you never did, maybe because from the reading I made you realize that within your present behavior you’ve seen how you can change the course of your future reactions to your lover or romance in general..

So I have to be really, really smart and articulate how I word things to people, because I know this is how Tarot works. Instead of giving them an ultimatum, I do different spreads to look at different angles; like “what if you did this, what will happen?” Verses, “what if you didn’t do this, what will happen?” And, “what should you do for the best outcome?” “What happens if you failed?” “What happens if you succeeded?”

So Tarot is really fun and complex to learn. I recommend you try learning the Tarot yourself but just remember the advice ‘YOU ARE STILL A MASTER OF YOUR FATE’

Love Jenny S. S. Cameron

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