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Tarot - Made more Exact

by Lynn Kozelka
(Houston,TX, U.S.)

I do appreciate the tarot, but I always, wished it could me more exact. It isn't just the Tarot Deck, it's the Book. My tarot book has 32 different meanings for all 78 cards. This way, I can give far more of a accurate reading. You can do a whole spread or just ask for a certain category. The different categories are; Focus, Desire, Romance, The Unexpected, Others, The Home, Travel, Papers, Work/Career, Unions, Emotional State, Pleasure, News, Family, The Physical Body, Finances, Visitors,/Callers, Mail, Anxiety, Disappointment, Endings, New Beginnings, Inheritance, Rewards/Gifts, Success, Fortune, Blessings, Special Guidance,(mundane & esoteric), Best course of Action, and Outcome. You can choose from any one of them. So if I am just worried about a money payment that I am waiting for in the mail, I just look up mail.

The Physical Body has told me accurately, what was wrong with my body. You can ask for a Specific category, or get a Zodiac spread, that covers 22 out of the 32 areas, or choose, from many other spreads depending on your question.

My READINGS are accurate, and I'm a caring and understanding reader, and also a Psychic Psychiatric Associate. Over 20 years experience. I’m also a Full Member of the Etex Paranormal Society here in Texas.

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