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Tarot Reading Hobby

by Desiree
(rural Alabama, USA)

random picture, cuz everyone loves pictures

random picture, cuz everyone loves pictures

Well hello! I have read tarot since I could read anything. It's something I picked up from my mother. For me tarot is a very straight forward and interpretable set of symbols. The cards act as a guide for the interpretation of impressions you get from the essence of a questioner.

You obviously can't pick up a package of mass produced cards and be a psychic thus. It's the intuition and your personal ability to evaluate and share meaningful images and information gleaned from the web of another's fortune. I recently started doing $0.99 tarot readings on eBay (oh yeah, as anyone knows, that means I'm not actually making a profit) for kind of practice with distance reading. Because I generally get a good impression of a person I'm reading face to face (not for money, just in general), I was curious how it would work. Let me tell you, it works just as well. An advantage even is that these people aren't your friends or acquaintances. They expect you to have insight into their path they cannot. And so you do. You don't have to worry (too much) about hurt feelings. You are simply a messenger.

I enjoy it (although I have to admit business is way far from booming). The most important thing for me though is to enjoy the relationship you create with the cards, and their images. You want to relate to the symbols. You start to dream about them. You start to see them out of the corner of your eyes in someone's purse. They are a great tool for connecting with the psychicism, that great web of knowledge. Ok, did my post, take care all, and be blessed!

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