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The Tarot and Manifesting

by Steven Magos

"When the student is ready the teacher appears...". How many times have you heard that statement and felt frustrated in your spiritual growth?

Would you like to feel just like you have some solid ground to stand on? Let me assure you everyone has been there and done that. You are not really unique. Do not throw stones at me yet. You are unique but you’re trying too hard or pushing against yourself. If you analyse the student/teacher thingy in that statement, you will see the answer right in front of you. It is like staring at a tree and all of a sudden you start seeing patterns and sometimes you make out faces in the bark or leaves against the background of light.

You are your teacher! Answers start to become clarified by an intuitive insight or you meet someone that gives you some information that answers your question. Maybe you see a movie or hear something on the radio. It is a crazy fun way of learning. No one truly can be your true teacher.

How does this pertain to the Tarot and manifesting? There are many good books about the Tarot and I will not get into that but I usually use the Tarot in my Altar work. Having a working knowledge of the Tarot's history, esoteric symbolism, and knowledge of various spreads can lay a foundation for an interesting relationship with the Tarot and really with your teacher, yourself. The word "relationship" is really the key here. Forget being goal orientated. It is like good sex. Do you look at the alarm clock next to the bed when you are with your partner? Don't answer out loud. No one wants to hear if you do. The Tarot should be treated as if you are the Tarot. It is the door into you. The Altar is the place you experience the deepest relationship with yourself. It is the place of fruitfulness, gratefulness and an environment of process discovering yourself.

The Tarot has been used as a focus to see into the mundane world of careers, relationships and health. My work is more about another aspect; the discovery and evolution of your Soul. That discovery helps to manifest your mundane life to become more in sync with your true you. The Altar is my place as a "touchstone" where the mundane connects to all the dimensions of the Universe. After studying the spread and writing in my journal I place those cards on the altar to "sit and rest". Depending on the cycle of the Moon I usually leave them there to incubate. Let me assure you that after you do this awhile, your whole Soul/Body will align with the cards. You'll get it.

Steven is a Psychic/Teacher that has been on his journey many, many years.

The Ambidextrous Magus

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