Animal Medicine

by Regina
(Greensboro, NC, US)

Speaks with Owl

Speaks with Owl

Aho! Welcome to my tribe! My natural psychic gifts are in tune with my spirit guides who are medicine people, shamans, and my chief. My native name is "Speaks with Owl". I love to call to them as I am a kindred spirit with the owl. I use Medicine Cards which holds the spiritual medicine that comes from the animals. The owl's medicine is relative to clairvoyance. It is through illumination that Owl reveals unseen truths and deception. This is how I acquired my name. My gifts are Great Spirit given and guided. I use honesty and my gifts to show others the truth. So grab onto Owl's wings and fly as you are not able to hear Owl's flight. Owl taps into the night and the magic of the moon to seek the truth. Owl guides me into the spirit realm to speak with loved ones who have crossed over. I can interpret dreams and have my own visions of things to come. If you wish to seek the truth about a relationship, a dream, or about a lost loved one, come hoot to Speaks with Owl! And your pets are welcome here too as I can feel what they are thinking. Wakan Tanka Kici Un!

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