Became Gifted Seer

by Olivia Benton
(Cincinnati OH.)

My way of seeing things has always been different than my siblings and peers. I’ve always felt that there was so much more to life than basic everyday occurrences; I can’t explain how I knew that, because this knowledge was something I felt even as a small girl.

Coming from an African American family and living in all black neighbourhood all my life, where most people don’t believe in spirits, psychics or the unseen caused me to withdraw into my own world and at the age of fifteen I became a recluse. I dropped out of high school and became deeply depressed I couldn’t even leave the house most days.

In the midst of being depressed and closing myself up in a room I was inadvertently allowing myself much needed down time it was almost like meditation. During this time my third eye slowly began to open and reveal beautiful orbs of light to me that seemed to appear to just slowly fade. I also began to see this same white light on everything, even inanimate objects and people too. (SOMETIMES THE ORBS ARE GOLDEN)

My life has forever changed and the spirit realm continues to amaze me every day. I can channel, I can see orbs, I can feel vibrations very strongly so it’s uncomfortable for me to be around a lot of people at one time.

I’ve become a gifted seer and connected to spirit I’ve met my own spirit as well and it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m only 21 so I know my life hasn’t even started yet but I thank god for this blessing and rare ability to understand what life and death really mean.

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Nov 24, 2011
Hang in there!
by: Anonymous

Hi just read your script, and felt very sad for you but amazed as well! Your only 21? you are a very gifted spirit! I am a seer as well. Only I see visions of the future. Yes its been very hard to express my visions and feelings with most people, as you know, they are very closed minded! Although, Ive been fortunate enough to have a certain few who believe in me. It helps alot! So I believe in you if it helps! I see oras around people as well and can comunicate with the spirit world. I dont know you, but I believe in God and Jesus and all holy angles and spirits, and the devil. I put the devil in there because ive been one who has seen both sides, so I know personally that they exist, and do not care if peps believe me or not. Ive had battles and continue to have battles with severe depression, and as i get to no more indigos, i notice that we suffer alot of the same emotions. If you EVER have any sad feelings or just need someone to talk to you can contact me:) elisharogers23 Hang in there sweety! you have alot to offer and are very special!

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