Blogging Intuitive Medium

by William Hall
(Wales UK)

Spirit Trail - Intuitive Medium

Spirit Trail - Intuitive Medium

So how does an Intuitive Medium work? Well, understanding what spirit tells us falls into two categories, the picture is either symbolic or literal. So for example, you may be shown an elephant. Symbolically it can mean that the person coming through remembers something special etc. Or literally, you may work at a zoo and be in charge of the Elephants. It’s like learning a new language. Each new picture, smell, feeling or sound means something, like a word. So as you understand what more and more of the pictures symbols and smells means, then those pictures are used by spirit again and again so you know what they are talking about.

I am an Intuitive Medium from birth who offers one-to-one Readings in Skype or live one-to-one and groups. I also offer a two day Psychic workshop in UK and Europe. I have six years of experience giving readings and I have recently plucked up the courage to write a new blog about my experiences past and present.

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Read about the history of the spiritualist movement and UK Psychic Phenomenon

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