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Faerie Oracle Whisperer

by Babylon Jasmine
(Columbus, Ohio)

Babylon Jasmine

Babylon Jasmine

Babylon Jasmine derives psychic insight from whispering with Gothic Faeries.

A master Tarot reader and intuitive with more than 20 years, the Faerie Whisperer Babylon Jasmine is a descendant of Gypsies and Scottish Shamans.

Babylon has been familiar the Tarot cards for as long as he can remember. His childhood was spent learning the lore of his ancestors.

Determined to continue their traditions, he has made it his mission to help his clients with the gifts he inherited. Babylon has a particular gift of understanding the messages from the faeries/fairies that made them-selves known to him.

Babylon interprets the ancient symbols found within the Tarot cards. This information is often delivered in riddles and is intended to present seekers with challenges. Babylon will help you to solve those riddles and meet those challenges. He focuses on bringing you information that you can use to improve your life, make better decisions, and move beyond negative patterns. While his main goal is to give you the exact information you're seeking, as a true Tarot reader, he will also inform you of things the cards may be trying to warn you about or prepare you for.

He reads with two forms of Tarot cards, as well as a deck of Faerie Oracle cards. The wit, wisdom, and playful nature of the faeries that live within hidden realms around us offer a unique insight that can help you to master your own reality.

While your fate is yours to control, Babylon will help you to understand the energies and events that surround you and what opportunities are coming your way. He promises to never lie to you, and will use his abilities to help you see your situation for what it really is.

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