Faerie Whisperer

by Babylon Jasmine
(Columbus, Ohio)

Mystical Fairies and Gothic Faeries

Mystical Fairies and Gothic Faeries

Fairies or faeries (as they are sometimes known) are tricky creatures; they take great delight in teasing and will increase their teasing if the recipient of it takes it badly.

The best way to deal with faeries is with an attitude of relaxed good humor. They are, for the most part, good hearted creatures and have a lot to teach us. Although they often act quite silly they are also quite capable of wisdom and if we can learn to listen to them we can learn many things we would not otherwise have known.

Listening to and noticing fairies/faeries is simply a matter of awareness. They tend to be fond of people who seek them out and if you put the effort into it you will often find they put just as much effort into making themselves appear to you. There are many tools for communicating with faeries, but the most basic, and often most effective method is simply paying attention. If you go to a place of natural beauty and sit, listening to the sounds, watching the sights, smelling the smells, and simply being aware of the nature around you it is only a matter of time before you will feel the presence of the local mystical fairies or gothic faeries. Once you have brought yourself to their attention they will often follow you home, don’t be aggravated if things turn up missing, they can also help you find things you were sure were lost and sometimes even leave gifts you were not expecting at all.

If mystical fairies or gothic faeries decide to grace your home with their presence try to be an accommodating host, faeries like a bit of food or milk left out for them, and they are also fond of living things in the house, houseplants are nice, and pets are as well, although dogs often don’t have the proper sense of humor to accommodate mystical fairies or gothic faeries without becoming quite nervous about it. Most faeries are not entirely comfortable with Christianity, and if the subject is brought up will usually depart and keep well away from that house.

Communication with faeries can be a bit challenging. Some people are able to ask them questions directly and receive answers they can understand, but for most of us it is a good idea to use tools that make the communication easier to understand. There are a number of decks of cards out there designed to let faeries make their opinions heard, they are known as oracle decks because they do not have the rigid structure of a tarot card deck. Mystical fairies or gothic faeries can also assist with readings with runes, or bones, or any sort of oracle, if they are invited to. It is important when using an oracle with the help of mystical fairies or gothic faeries however to remember their sense of humor and look for puns and such in the message. It is also helpful to be in an open, receptive state when communicating with mystical fairies or gothic faeries. Meditation is not required, although it can be helpful, but some deep breaths and a relaxed, open state of mind are invaluable aids.

Some faeries can be trouble, and if you find that taking their tricks with a relaxed sense of humor does not work, or if they are starting to get really hurtful and not simply tricky a few tools to get them to move on can be useful. Salt water can catch faeries in it, as can a mirror, in either case the trapping medium should be disposed of far from your home. Prayers of any sort often disturb faeries, and prayers specifically intended to drive them away are usually quite effective. They are also not fond of cold iron although as this has become more and more common in our society many of them have developed a tolerance for it.

Fairies can be tricky, they always have a sense of humor, and sometimes they can even be a great deal of trouble.

However I find that for all the trouble and tricks they may play they are a wonderful addition to my life and worth the effort it takes to attract them and let them know that they are appreciated. I hope that you can take the lessons included and use them in your own life to appreciate and understand what faeries have to give.

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Feb 12, 2017
Fairies are amazing
by: Karen

My experience with fairies has been positive. I had a garden and loved it. The fairies would come into the house and just hang out with me. I had a very nice fairy that would sit on my shoulder and watch me breast-feed my son. Sometimes she would do the silliest things like put her arm into my nose while I was sleeping. She actually helped me one time as I was having a bad dream and her doing that, I woke up suddenly. She ran as I woke up but I told her don't run and she helped me from that bad dream. My older son saw her on the bed one morning and he said, Mom, theirs a bug on the bed! I asked him what did it look like and he told me it had wings and moved fast. I told him to stop throwing the pillows around the bed, that it was a fairy. He looked at me puzzled. I said stay here and watch. I closed the door and turned off the lights and every fairy in the room lite up, each with a different color. lol He was amazed!

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