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Finding your own Psychic Ability!

by Anonymous Psychic

I have been a Psychic Reader for over 8 years with a wonderful client base. I have always wanted to help others find their own abilities and gifts. I think there are two important things to establish yourself as a Psychic.

First what is your theme, spiritual belief etc?

Second what are your Abilities?

This first thing I always like to ask if a person feels they may have some abilities is this.

Do you feel more drawn to Angels?
You're a Light Worker Medium and or Channel

Do you feel more drawn to Animals Spirits etc? You're a Shaman

Do you feel more drawn to Energy healing, Past Lives and Chakras?
You're an Energy Healer and Energy Reader.

Now that you have figured this out, when you see someone do you see Visions?
You're Clairvoyant.

Do you feel they are right wrong etc?
You're Intuitive.

Do you feel what they feel?
You are Empathic.

I really think deep down most Psychics will fall into a one of three places or all; New Age, Wiccan or a Pagan.

Although, I have met some Christian Psychics, they seem to believe differently than most traditional Christians. So I would say this would be distinct.

Remember also that psychic ability can be developed. I recommend online testing to develop your abilities.

Also do not expect perfection. No one is perfect. Not even Psychics. Some are just more advanced than others. Another important thing about Psychic readers is this. They all have different abilities. One may know the future and the other may be good at remote viewing or clairvoyance etc.

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Dec 04, 2010
My form of Psychic Dream Interpretations
by: Audreanna

I am 13 and girl. I think that it really cool having this form of physic ability, but really weird at the same time. It started when I was about 10 and it happens sometimes now. I don't have them as much now that I'm older. When I dream, in the future I will interpret what I had dreamed. It can be months to years before I interpret the dream with daja vu. Is this a form of seeing the future?

Dec 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

I need help figuring out if what i can do is psychic abilities or not...I really need to figure this out. Cause it bugs me, and I'd really like to know. I'm only 16.

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