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Intuitive Weight Loss

by Anonymous Psychic

Using Intuition in life and for weight loss.

Although I was born with the gift of intuition and clairvoyance, I have also learned a lot on my spiritual journey. How we are all so connected and how we all try too hard in many areas including love, career, health and money issues. There are many books I have read over the years to keep me in tune with my own gifts. I won't go into this area because I would much rather focus my attention on one important problem a lot of us struggle with, weight loss.

We all look around and see how many of us including myself, have been over weight. It is not your fault. Yes it is partly what we eat but more importantly it is when and how much. I realize now that almost everyone has their own internal meter for losing weight. Have you ever tried just using intuition to one day. Pick a day for yourself to focus as we can easily get side tracked.

Just start saying “what do I feel like eating today?”- and just go with the flow. It's really that easy. At first you may crave everything including cake. (Now I am not a medical doctor and do feel you should use your common sense and continue with doctors orders.) After a few days when your cravings start to decrease, you will find you want healthy foods and less of them. It works for me, I do find that when life gets hectic and I have gained a few pounds I simply have to pull myself back and start this again. I'm not perfect either. Well you get the idea. I hope I have helped a few of you out there. Call today for a brighter tomorrow.

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